Timberwolves news: Karl-Anthony Towns' amazing gesture for Jaylen Brown after Celtics game
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Karl-Anthony Towns went over to Celtics locker room to check on Jaylen Brown

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Regardless of the heated competition that occurs almost every day in the NBA, many players across the league are friends. When players get injured, peers put their competitive ways aside to share their thoughts and prayers.

At the beginning of the season, the Boston Celtics lost their new addition, Gordon Hayward to a leg injury against the Cleveland Cavaliers. After the injury, the Cavs and players from across the league showed their support for Hayward.

On Thursday, the Celtics lost yet another core player in their lineup — although not in the manner as Hayward’s. In an awkward landing off a dunk attempt, Jaylen Brown landed on his head, throwing silence into the entire area.

Although Brown’s injury isn’t as severe as Hayward’s, head and back injuries are serious issues for players that warrant a special protocol by the league.

Of course, the Celtics would go on to win the game after Brown left the game. Despite losing the game, Minnesota Timberwolves center Karl Anthony-Towns paid a visit to the Celtics’ locker room to check on Brown.

Celtics head coach Brad Stevens expressed some hope in his player’s condition, stating that the injured forward was feeling pretty good after the fall.

“He felt pretty good leaving the arena. He went to get a CT scan. He’s with (Minnesota’s) team doctor, so he’s in good hands.”

This kind gesture from Towns shows that many people around the league hold respect for Brown. In all seriousness, health is the number priority for players. No one wants to see a player get hurt. Hopefully, Brown recovers and returns to the Celtics soon.