Dwyane Wade recently became one of the least popular people in Toronto after going through his shooting ritual during the Canadian anthem. Fortunately for D-Wade, he has a prominent member of the Canadian community on his side.

According to TMZ, Toronto city council member Norm Kelly empathizes with Wade and believes it was a mistake.

“I empathize with Wade,” Kelly said. “I played hockey, baseball, football … I understand the rituals athletes go through, especially before a playoff game. I don’t think he intended to be disrespectful.”

“He should've just been more aware,” Kelly said. “I don't think we'll see a repeat of what he did. He's smart. He's aware. He'll know next time.”

Wade did his best to make up for the mistake in Game 4 and made sure he was one of the first players to line up for the anthem. With the series tied 2-2 heading back to Toronto on Wednesday, there are sure to be some upset Toronto fans ready to pour on the hate for Wade.