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Video: Kevin Garnett’s epic live reaction to end of Celtics-Rockets game

Many people were left stunned by how Thursday’s game between the Houston Rockets and the Boston Rockets ended. That includes skinny jeans advocate and retired NBA great Kevin Garnett, who saw the insane finish of the contest unfold from the comfort of the couch at the set of TNT’s Inside the NBA.

Everyone knows the story by now. James Harden committed two late offensive fouls on Marcus Smart that paved the way for Al Horford’s game-winning basket and allowed the Celtics complete a come-from-behind 99-98 victory from 26 points down. Boston played lackadaisically in the first half but turned it around after the halftime, outscoring the Rockets 61-36 over the last two periods. The Celtics also capitalized on Houston’s leaky interior defense, as they racked up 56 points in the paint.

Garnett was just as incredulous as Harden at what just happened, but The Big Ticket was not one to complain. After all, he’s clearly pulling for the Celtics, the team he won his first and only NBA championship with back in 2008. Garnett is no longer part of the Celtics, but the team’s win over Houston must have tasted as sweet as a bowl of Honey Nut Cheerios for him.