It was a close game, but in the end, the Minnesota Vikings lost to the San Francisco 49ers. During the contest, there was a moment where Kirk Cousins essentially had a brain fart, as he lined up under the guard instead of the center. Luckily the ball wasn't hiked, otherwise, it could have derailed Minnesota's chances of staying within reach.

After everyone got a good laugh watching Cousins attempt to hike the ball from the guard, the Vikings' quarterback admits his faults, per Pro Football Talk.

“We just didn't get lined up properly and the play clock was winding down. I was just moving, trying to get everybody settled up and just got under the wrong guy.”

Yeah, that's pretty much what seemed to happen. The Vikings were rushing as they were trying to set up to run a play. They looked frantic doing so as Cousins appeared lost in the shuffle during the play.


Nihad Zunic ·

Nihad Zunic ·

It's not like this hasn't happened before. However, it was a bit embarrassing to see it happen in such a crucial moment of the game. The Vikings were down eight points, on fourth-down with the clock ticking. Due to the confusion on the field, Minnesota was forced to call a timeout. The 49ers drew up the perfect defensive play after the timeout and clinched the win over Minnesota.

Although the Vikings don't have the best record and they completely botched it in the end, Kirk Cousins has been having a solid year under center. Look for Minnesota to bounce back as this team continues its path to a potential playoff birth.