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Vikings QB Kirk Cousins expects to lose his job if interceptions continue

Vikings, Kirk Cousins

The Minnesota Vikings are just 1-5 on the season and quarterback Kirk Cousins has been awful.

Cousins, who is one of the highest-paid quarterbacks in the NFL, has thrown 10 interceptions through the Vikings’ first six games, including three in the first half alone in Week 6 against the lowly Atlanta Falcons.

If his interceptions continue, Cousins fully expects the Vikings to bench him.

“The reality is if the pace I’m on in terms of the interceptions, if that were to continue, I won’t finish the season,” Vikings QB Kirk Cousins said, via ESPN.

“I won’t — you know what I mean? There’s a little bit of, you got to improve. Whether it’s them telling me, ‘Hey, we gotta improve,’ or them pulling me; we got to get better. That’s what the rest of the season will be about for me, is trying to protect the football as best I can. Because when you turn the ball over, it really hurts your chances to win. I know that. I just need to improve as we look ahead to the rest of the season.”

In March, the Vikings gave Cousins a two-year, $66 million extension. It was a move that most Vikings fans were upset about since he has been a below-average QB since coming to Minnesota in 2018 as a free agent.

The Vikings have Week 7 off. With that said, Cousins needs to regroup and watch the film to see why he’s making the mistakes he has been plagued with. Otherwise, he’s going to lose his job to Sean Mannion.

Minnesota will face the Green Bay Packers in Week 8 following its bye week.