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Vikings TE Kyle Rudolph getting used to ‘blocking a lot’ this season

As Stefon Diggs is grumbling about his role with the team some of his Minnesota Vikings teammates are taking a different approach, like Kyle Rudolph who is enjoying his opportunity to run block more.

Through four games Rudolph only has four catches for 32 yards and for a guy who is used to have a big role that might be hard to deal with.

Instead, Rudolph is doing a lot of blocking and enjoying it, because it’s something that many have considered a weakness of his.

“I’m focused on whatever my job is, and to this point my job has been blocking — blocking a lot,” Rudolph said, via John Shipley of the St. Paul Pioneer Press. “If that’s what they want me to do in this offense, and that’s what’s going to help us win football games, then that’s what I have to do.”

All the talk has been about Kirk Cousins struggles throwing the ball but Rudolph doesn’t seem to have as big of a role in the passing game and it doesn’t seem to have much to do with Cousin’s struggles.

Rudolph has confidence in his quarterback and thinks that he can turn it around just like he has done throughout his career.

“He threw for four thousand yards last year and all kinds of touchdowns,” Rudolph said. “He’s done that just about every year of his career.”

If there is a game where Cousins and the offense is going to take of it’s against a Giants defense that hasn’t been good this year in slowing down anyone.