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Vikings release statement ensuring the safety of Everson Griffen

Vikings, Everson Griffen

In a wild turn of events, Everson Griffen has been locked in his house and refused to come out. Many Minnesota Vikings players have shared their thoughts and prayers for Griffen’s safety.

Some good news has transpired though, as the Minnesota Vikings have officially announced Griffen’s safety. “Law enforcement agencies have notified us Everson Griffen came out of his home without incident and is now getting the care he needs.”

It’s been a long strenuous day for the Vikings and it’s nice to see this situation end peacefully. There have been many NFL players opening up about mental health this year. AJ Brown opened up about his struggles during the 2020 season, and Stefon Diggs talked about mental health as well. Griffen has to be going through something terrifying and hopefully he recovers and returns to the football field.

Luckily this situation didn’t take a turn for the worse. It’s been a long day for the Vikings, Everson Griffen, and his family. Minnesota is doing everything in their power to help Griffen during this time, stating “Our focus remains on Everon’s health and safety and providing the proper resources for him and his family.”

With so many professional athletes opening up about mental health, society is taking a turn for the better. It’s time to take mental health seriously, as it pertains to every individual. For now, Everson Griffen is safe and that’s all that matters. The Vikings can now focus on Griffen and help him recover from this scary scenario.