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Vikings WR Chad Beebe ‘making a name for himself’ in Minnesota

Last season at this time Minnesota Vikings wide receiver Chad Beebe was mostly an unknown even to the biggest Vikings fans. The ones who did know him still referred to him as the son of former Buffalo Bills wide receiver Don Beebe.

That has changed in a big way in just a year. Now the talk this offseason is how Beebe could be the number three receiver on the team in the upcoming season. At the end of mandatory minicamp, offensive coordinator Kevin Stefanski said that Beebe is “making a name for himself.”

Beebe is just trying to keep his head down and keep grinding. Although he appreciates the words, he knows there is still a ton of work to do.

“Obviously those are kind words and I appreciate it,” Beebe said via the Star Tribune. “But the work is never done. I’m only a second-year guy. I got a lot ahead of me to still do and prove.”

Beebe spent the first part of last season on the practice squad before finally being elevated to the active roster and catching four passes for 39 yards. He dealt with injuries which limited some of his production, but he showed glimpses about why coaches and fans are excited about his future.

Minnesota assistant coach Gary Kubiak is also excited about what he has seen. He said Beebe might have had the best offseason of any Viking.

“Let’s see how we end up,” Kubiak said. “I think we also have to look at the fact that [Beebe] has probably had as good an offseason as any player that I know on our side of the ball. He’s got a chance to be a really good player for us. It gives us good flexibility to be able to bounce around personnel-wise.”

The Vikings desperately need someone to step up and be a solid third receiver for the team. Right now Beebe is doing everything in his power to win the job.