Warriors news: Kevin Durant's manager reveals KD is '100 percent undecided' on where he will play next
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Kevin Durant’s manager reveals Warriors star is ‘100 percent undecided’ on where he will play next

Kevin Durant, Warriors

Much has been said and speculated about Kevin Durant’s free agency destination. However, his manager Rich Kleiman reveals that the Golden State Warriors star is still undecided about his future.

In an interview with Jason Gay of Wall Street Journal, Kleiman said that Durant is “100 percent undecided” on where he will play next.

Durant has been heavily linked with the New York Knicks all year long. There were speculations that he could team up with Kyrie Irving in New York to revitalize one of the biggest sports market in the world and change his narrative that was stained when he signed with the Warriors in 2016.

In fact, recent rumors emerged that the 10-time All-Star had a secret meeting with Knicks representatives and reached a “handshake deal” with the team. It’s also rumored that there are already endorsement deals in line for KD once he signs with the Knickerbockers.

Nonetheless, Kleiman directly shot down all those talks and emphasized that even Durant has no idea where he wants to play next if he declines his player option and enters free agency.

Durant is regarded as the top prize of the 2019 free agency, especially with most NBA executives expecting him to leave the Warriors to lead his own team. Besides the Knicks, the Nets are also reportedly putting KD at the top of their priority list.