The Bay Area is one of the best markets for a sports organization. They have been pretty dominant in the major sports leagues in the past decades with the rise of the San Francisco 49ers, Golden State Warriors, and San Jose Sharks all showing promise. The San Jose Earthquakes and Bay FC are also on their way up. If there are discussions about dedicated fan bases, owners should look no further than the Oakland Athletics. A new WNBA team is being set up and it may all be because of how amazing this area is.

The Warriors are close to helping women's basketball grow more in the Bay Area. They outlined it in their latest statement, via Marcus Thompson II of The Athletic.

“We have had productive conversations with the WNBA and look forward to the possibility of being a part of the league’s expansion plans. However, it would be premature to assume any potential agreement has been finalized,” the Warriors' heads declared.

A deal has not been finalized between the team and WNBA's Cathy Engelbert. But, talks have been very promising. Speculations even suggest that the Board of Governors is set to make a huge update on the deal during the month of October.

The Chase Center will be the home of the new women's basketball team. This makes it easier to access and is a familiar spot for all sports fans that reside in the Area. Will you be supporting this new team along with the Athletics, Earthquakes, 49ers, and Sharks?