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Kevin Durant teams up with Devin Booker at UCLA

kevin durant, devin booker

During an exhibition game held at UCLA, Kevin Durant of the Golden State Warriors and Devin Booker of the Phoenix Suns teamed up. And it was one heck of a scoring exhibition.

Check out the clip below to see two of the best offensive talents in the world in action:

To see Durant team up with an offensive talent is not too surprising anymore. After all, he’s had his fair share of time with Russell Westbrook. Now, he’s teammates with Stephen Curry — the best shooter in the world. Yet despite being teammates with the best, Durant still manages to shine and stand out.

But to see Booker in action with a superstar teammate is a sight to see. Since he joined the Suns in 2015, he’s been their lone superstar. But in the upcoming season, he’ll have first overall pick Deandre Ayton and hopefully, a new and improved Josh Jackson as teammates.

It’s good to recall that Durant admitted he wanted the Thunder to pick Booker back in 2015. Durant himself requested the Thunder to pick him.

“We called Devin Booker,” Durant told The Bill Simmons Podcast. “We wanted Devin Booker in OKC. I wanted him.”

Will fans ever get to see Durant and Booker team up in the NBA?