The timeline fit now matters the most for the Washington Wizards. It is no secret that the team is not looking to compete for a playoff position after the departure of Bradley Beal. The keys are now in the hands of Deni Avdija, Jordan Poole, and Bilal Coulibaly. They are going to need mentors throughout the whole NBA season and it all starts at the Wizards training camp. This possibly means that one of Kendrick Nunn, Ryan Rollins, Johnny Davis, or Landry Shamet played their last game for the Washington-based team.

The Wizards trade Landry Shamet

Washington has a surplus of guards in their rotation. This is a problem because a lot of those minutes are going to be allocated for the development of Poole and Coulibaly. Landry Shamet may be the first person to go in exchange for a defensive specialist and rebounding master. He has a huge $10 million contract that just does not fit their timeline of stocking up on picks.

They could allocate these instead to a quality big man to help mentor Deni Avdija, Tristan Vukcevic, and Daniel Gafford. A trade package for Shamet will mean other players in this list get involved in exchange for picks. His 8.7 points per game while shooting on a 37.7% clip from all three levels of scoring might not be beneficial for the team. He attempts 7.5 field goals per game and also plays the floor general role.

A lot of this could be delegated to the young talents. There is no immediate need for a role player like Shamet because his scoring chops leave a lot to be desired and he has not yet hit his veteran years in the league. Shamet is good but just not fits the timeline.

Washington trades Kendrick Nunn

Another person clogging up the Wizards' guard rotation is Kendrick Nunn. For all the same reasons in the development aspect of the young players above, the team would benefit from trading for someone who could set solid screens and rebounding. Nunn is a dominant ball-handler who would take up a lot of playing time. His main upside is being a microwave.

Tyus Jones and Poole can effectively fulfill that role once they get accustomed to being the primary options on offense. He only got his chance to shine in the Miami Heat system where he was fully given the green light to command their points of attack. But, he is still a desirable trade prospect for a team looking for a scoring boost. He notched 7.5 points per game on 44.7% shooting on all three levels of scoring.

This is not a bad trade for anyone who hopes to get their title chances up. Nunn has proven that he can shoot the lights out but his fit just isn't there ahead of the Wizards training camp.

Washington trades Johnny Davis

There can only be too many development projects for the Wizards training camp. They are faced with a tough decision of waiting for the development of Johnny Davis. His first season showed a lot of flashes of being a great scorer. But, his consistency also leaves a lot to be desired.

Placing him alongside Poole, Coulibaly, Jones, and Xavier Cooks creates a lot of confusion on who gets more playing time. His statistics are good enough for a package for a three-and-d wing. A team could surely use his 5.8 points per game and 2.3 boards on average. It gets the team more assets to pull off a trade before the deadline or just a veteran that can springboard the young guns' development.