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Wizards’ Bradley Beal thinks other agents are threatened by Rich Paul


Washington Wizards shooting guard Bradley Beal was one of the many NBA players chiming in on the NCAA’s decision to only let certified sports agents with a bachelor’s degree represent those who hope to forego their college eligibility and take on the NBA.

Rich Paul of Klutch Sports was the most prominent agent without a bachelor’s degree that will be affected by this rule, despite several years of experience in the business and a reputable track record. Longtime friend and headline client LeBron James was quick to jump on the NCAA for this decision, quickly dubbing it the Rich Paul Rule, claiming this was an aim to stop the wave of major signings his agent has pulled off over the years.

Chris Paul, the president of the National Basketball Players Association, was quick to denounce this ruling, and Beal wouldn’t be too far behind, claiming the NCAA is threatened by Paul.

This rule isn’t a particular aim at Paul stealing talent from joining the college ranks, but rather a (poor) prevention of those who hope to get certified just in time to get their kids/nephews into the NBA rollercoaster. Now with new avenues to come into the league, it won’t take long before some take advantage of a kid’s dream of making the NBA and potential derail his potential by rushing an attempt to make it, forever forsaking their chance to play college ball.

While some have been successful through this road, many have been misled and have had a potential career derailed due to bad advice. The rule intends to protect players from greedy and inexperienced agents hoping to mooch off their potential, but its construction is so poor that Paul was an indirect bystander that will be affected by this ruling.