Washington Wizards guard Bradley Beal got an 89 overall rating in NBA 2K22, which is probably far from what he and his family expected.

Besides, following the unveiling of the Wizards star's rating, Beal's wife Kamiah Adams-Beal blasted the game and its longtime brand ambassador Ronnie 2K for being a “joke.”

Interestingly, it didn't end there. When Ronnie 2K responded to the “upset” Beal matriarch, Kamiah went on to defend her stance about the game's rating system being poorly made. She also highlighted that she's not alone in the sentiment.

For what it's worth, Kamiah Adams-Beal is not lying when she said other people has the same belief about the ratings being a joke. Several players have said the same things over the  years, like  Sacramento Kings guard De'Aaron Fox who called the NBA 2k21 iteration of the game “trash.”

However, it's not only the Wizards leader who seems to be unfairly rated in the game. LeBron James recently took to Twitter as well to argue that Kevin Durant and Stephen Curry should have gotten 99 in the game instead.

There's an argument to be made why Bradley Beal should be higher than 89. Not only did he lead the Wizards to the playoffs, but he also finished the season with the second-highest points per game with 31.3. It just 0.7 points behind eventual scoring champion Stephen Curry, who got a 96.

Beal should have definitely gotten a higher rating considering his scoring exploits last season, but then again, the ratings in NBA 2K isn't really an accurate depiction of what players can do–although it should've been that way.