The Washington Wizards are a mess right now. After a hot 10-3 start to their season, the team subsequently collapsed on itself. Reported locker room turmoil and underwhelming performances from key acquisitions became the downfall of the Wiz. As a result, they made massive changes during the trade deadline.

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Davis Bertans, one of the former Wizards dealt during the trade deadline, revealed just how bad the locker room situation was. According to him, teammates would routinely fight with each other due to conflicts with their roles.

Via Legion Sports:

“It’s tough to have team chemistry when every single day, the team [Wizards] is basically fighting with each other about, ‘I want to get more minutes' and ‘I want a bigger role.’”

That's a damning statement from Bertans, who was traded to the Mavericks along with Spencer Dinwiddie for Kristaps Porzingis. Earlier in the season, Dinwiddie commented on the locker room situation of the Wizards, saying he wasn't welcomed as a leader. It was clear that something needed to change within the team, and the management made that happen.

The Wizards are also dealing with another major loss: Bradley Beal. Their star guard has been ruled out for the season due to wrist surgery. With Beal on the mend and them trading away key pieces, it's unclear whether they're playing for the future or if they'll continue fighting for a playoff spot.

At the very least, they're hoping that Porzingis can be Beal's second star once he returns from injury. The Wizards basically got him for a lower price than anticipated. The Latvian forward will likely be a key piece for this team moving forward.