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Gilbert Arenas reveals what’s most confusing about Michael Ruffin’s ball toss blunder with Wizards

Gilbert Arenas, Michael Ruffin

Former Washington Wizards star Gilbert Arenas recently unearthed the wonderful world of Reddit, and decided to do a full Q&A with thousands of other redditors. One of the funniest questions the 38-year-old responded to is that infamous Morris Peterson buzzer-beater that insanely sent a game that the Wizards already had in the bag into overtime.

Before anything else, for the sake of anyone who has not seen the play in question, here is a clip of the said incident:

Gilbert Arenas had a front-row seat to one of the most Shaqtin’ a Fool moments in the history of the NBA, and to this very day, he has some vivid memories of the same. What baffles Arenas the most is how former teammate Michael Ruffin was unable to get enough power behind his heave.

“How does the strongest man on the floor at that time throw it 5 inches,” Arenas wrote. “All he had to do was hold the ball and they foul him. how does he throw the ball after all them push ups and whatever he did in the weight room.”

Arenas obviously think that it was a boneheaded play by Ruffin. However, at that point in time, he knew he was physically no match for Ruffin — despite the apparent lack of strength the big man exhibited — so Arenas thought twice about saying anything untoward to his former teammate.

“It made me want to fight him but since I can’t fight, I just said ‘we gonna get them next game,'” Arenas added.

Hilarious. That’s typical Arenas right there — the man you either love or love to hate.