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Wizards news: John Wall shows off quarterback skills with tight spiral

John Wall is one of the best passers in the NBA. He was second to James Harden with 10.7 assists per game last season, and is capable of dropping sublime highlight-reel dimes to his teammates on a consistent basis. So is it any surprise that Wall also knows how to pass the ol’ pigskin like a pro?


Wall showed off his cannon arm in a quick game of catch, as he threw a strike to his receiver. Afterwards, he immediately called out five-time Super Bowl champion, New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady. Of course, there’s no love lost between Wall’s Wizards and Boston’s other famous team, the Celtics.

But while that pass was impressive, slinging a ball in a park is as close as Wizards fans should want to see Wall doing anything football-related. After signing his massive extension this summer, the last thing the Wizards need is Wall suffering any injury, which is par for the course in football.