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John Wall says his career will be a failure if he doesn’t win a championship

John Wall

In a guard-centric league, Washington Wizards All-star point guard John Wall is surely one of the best out there. A five-time All-star, an All-defensive selection, and an All-NBA selection, the former 1st overall pick has the accolades to validate his elite status in the NBA.

Despite the personal success of Wall, it seems like nothing will be able to satisfy that hunger until he wins the NBA championship.

According to a tweet from Hoop District DC, Wall was asked what his individual goals were.

Everybody can be a great player, but not everyone can be called a champion. For an All-star point guard who has gone through it all, critics, injuries, game winners, controversy and a whole lot more, in his successful eight-year career, the only thing that could validate a competitor like him is to win the ultimate prize, the NBA championship.

Ever since Wall has joined the Wizards, it has been a tough climb from irrelevance. Now a playoff fixture in the Eastern Conference since the 2013 season, except for that forgettable 2015-16 campaign, they have been a constant force in the East.

Being a consistent force has not got them through the second round of the playoffs. He may be considered as one of the best point guards in the league right now but without the elusive championship, he will fail to be considered one of the greats.

As good as a player as he is, he definitely knows the clock is ticking. At 28-years-old, the window for success grows slimmer by the year.

This upcoming season might be their year, with fellow All-star Bradley Beal and former All-star Dwight Howard to lead the charge, John Wall will get another crack at greatness this season.