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Wizards’ John Wall will not play this season no matter what

John Wall, Wizards

Many had hoped that the 2019-20 season hiatus would bring a new twist upon its return. The potential for a John Wall return to the Washington Wizards at some point this season was among the possibilities, but it looks like that’s not in the cards.

The Wizards point man had good results in his rehabilitation in February and March, looking mobile and willing to take on more activities. According to Candace Buckner of The Washington Post, don’t count on a return this season, no matter what:

“Despite the late-season break, don’t count on Wall to appear on the court during the 2019-20 campaign,” wrote Buckner. “The original plan the team and Wall had set remains unchanged: He will stay on the sideline during his 10th NBA season in an effort to fully recover from a left Achilles’ tendon injury suffered in January 2019.”

Bradley Beal has been manning the ship all season long, rising as the NBA’s second-best scorer (30.5 points per game), but it seems he won’t get any backcourt help until next season. Wizards GM Tommy Sheppard explained the situation:

“We’ve said all along that we can’t wait until John plays next season, and I think that will still be our attitude and our stance,” Wizards general manager Tommy Sheppard said in a recent interview. “We’re very anxious to see John Wall in uniform next year. I don’t think any of this changes that.”

While the extra rest could help a few injury timelines, the likes of Klay Thompson (torn ACL) and Kevin Durant (torn Achilles) reeling from major injuries will have to wait. Wall can now be added to that list.