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Wizards news: Kelly Oubre says Celtics fans are the worst, understands why Kevin Durant made fake Twitter

It’s no secret that the Washington Wizards and Boston Celtics are not fond of one another. Over the past couple of seasons, they have had some hotly contested matchups that included altercations, and also had their players firing shots directed at their opponents even outside the court. That said, it does not come as a surprise that the fans get involved as well by insulting players, especially on social media.

When asked whose fans give the worst insults to try to get under his skin, he quickly admitted, via Chase Hughes of CSN Mid Atlantic, that it’s the Celtics’. He cited that after his spat with Kelly Olynyk in last season’s playoffs, the Boston faithful re-introduced themselves to him with the comments they made.

“Boston is definitely probably the worst. Me and K.O. had our little party. We had a good time. Boston is definitely the most interesting, but everywhere you hear a lot of stuff, honestly,” Oubre said.

Kevin Durant recently made a lot of headlines when he forgot to switch accounts and tried to defend himself on social media. Oubre said he understands him doing that, as he also felt the urge to make a fake account in the past, after all the comments made by angry fans against him.

“I would 100 percent say that I’ve had the urge to get a fake Twitter, but I never did it,” Oubre said on the Wizards .

“But Kev, at the end of the day with people, it’s the whole world attacking him for the decision he made and he succeeded off his decision. Sometimes people get fed up because at the end of the day, we’re just like everybody else. We might be at this pedestal, our talents might have gotten us to a certain place, but we’re human beings. We think the same as other people. We do the same things as other people. So, he pretty much said that ‘I’m one of y’all.’ All I do is just play basketball better. That’s probably why he got the urge to get a fake Twitter, man. People feel like they can say whatever they want to us and us not say anything back because technically we can’t. But it’s still not fair for people to take advantage of us, man. I respect Kev.”

While it’s understandable that fans will always have something to say negative against them, they should know that players are humans too, and get hurt as well. Despite being very professional about it, there are also times when they feel the need to fire back, but still restrain themselves from doing so. Social media is indeed a good platform to share someone’s thoughts, but could also be the platform used to insult and degrade athletes and celebrities.