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Stephen A. Smith responds to John Wall’s callout

John Wall, Stephen A. Smith, Wizards

Earlier this past week, Washington Wizards point guard John Wall came out and said that if ESPN personality Stephen A. Smith has a problem with him, he should stop tweeting about it and come say it to his face.

Per Chase Hughes of NBC Sports Washington:

“You know who the guy is… It’s like this, if you have a personal problem with me, come talk to me like a man… when you want to take things to a personal level, you can have a conversation with me 1-on-1 as a man.”

Wall is clearly upset by Smith’s recent remarks and critiques of his overall basketball game, leadership and inability to stay healthy over a longer period of time.

Smith had originally gone a whole Twitter rant, discussing — or rather, venting about — his dislike for Wall. Known for his abrasive and combative discourses about players of any sport, Smith’s assertions were as rude as they were lengthy.

Here is the first thread Smith had posted a few days prior:

Smith then came out saying that he has been waiting for Wall to come out to speak to him after a game. It seems as if Smith is ready and prepared to confront Wall if need be.

Though it’s all probably just a dog and pony show, there’s a sense of hilarity seeing Smith get worked up over just a simple quote from an NBA player. Who knows where the “beef,” for lack of a better word, will head next.


Wall will probably have surgery on his heel soon. Doctors have told him that if he doesn’t get the surgery, he is likely to tear his Achilles tendon.

The Wizards have been one of — if not the most — dysfunctional teams this seasons and it’s likely that Wall will rightly go forward with surgery and move on from this season in order to focus on his long-term health.

This season, Wall averaged 20.7 points, 3.6 rebounds and 8.7 assists per game while shooting 44.4 percent from the field and 30.2 percent from beyond the arc.

The Wizards are now 14-23 on the season and are 11th in the NBA’s Eastern Conference. They will face off next against the Atlanta Hawks at home this upcoming Wednesday.