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Ted Leonsis wonders why everybody is so positive about Kevin Durant, Nets but not John Wall


Washington Wizards owner Ted Leonsis has recently brought forth a pretty valid argument with regards to the long-term injury of his team’s superstar, John Wall. According to the 62-year-old billionaire, he is baffled by how people are so optimistic about the situation of Brooklyn Nets star Kevin Durant, while these are the very same folks that question Wall’s future at this point in his career.

The fact of the matter is that both Durant and Wall are out with the same injury — an Achilles tear — and both guys are pretty much looking at a similar timetable to return. It is also worth noting that Durant is two years the senior of Wall — something that Leonsis adamantly points out.

“Why is everyone so positive – Kevin Durant has the same injury as John Wall and is older,” Leonsis asks on NBC’s The Harbershow Podcast, via Dan Feldman of NBC Sports.

It’s hard to argue against Leonsis’ point here, as he does appear to be on to something. The Nets were praised for signing an injured Durant last summer, while the Wizards front office has been questioned for their recent decision-making in the wake of Wall’s injury.

Then again, one can also argue that Wall is far more reliant on his speed and explosiveness — something that he might have trouble bringing back once he eventually makes his return to the court — as compared to Durant. Inversely, KD, without question, is a much better shooter than Wall, and this might just be why the former MVP has a better shot at returning to his old dominant self as opposed to Wall.