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Wizards VP of player personnel Frank Ross once displayed his pre-draft interview method with the Thunder


Apparently, Washington Wizards vice president of player personnel Frank Ross was one heck of a pre-draft interviewer during his days as a scout with the Oklahoma City Thunder.

The Athletic’s Fred Katz described Ross’ pre-draft interview style:

While helping conduct pre-draft interviews, he’ll ask questions to which he already knows the answers. Of course, it’s all part of a test.

It will take some interviewees three or four questions into a meeting before they realize he already knows the info he’s seeking.

During his days as a scout with the Thunder, Ross was part of a group who sized up a draft prospect at the NBA Combine. For the 30-minute meeting, Ross decided to do something drastic yet clever at the same time: he wrote down the prospect’s key attributes on the white board, per Katz.

Ross wrote notes such as “likes to party,” “work ethic is improving,” “soft,” and “likes the ladies,” according to Katz. The prospect immediately took notice of the notes as he entered the room.

It’s a safe bet the draft prospect was impressed with Ross’ work ethic. He’d probably say to himself, “This is one scout who did his homework.” For all we know, the rookie wanted to sign with the Thunder right then and there.

Here’s the key takeaway: Ross’ scouting method is indicative of his work ethic as the Wizards’ vice president of player personnel. He and the rest of the front office have their work cut out for them: Washington won just 32 games this season.