Wizards video: Markieff Morris tugged on Seth Curry's shorts from bench on final play of regulation
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Video: Wizards’ Markieff Morris tugged on Seth Curry’s shorts from bench on final play of regulation

Markieff Morris, Wizards

In the Washington Wizards’ thrilling overtime win over the Portland Trail Blazers on Monday night, forward Markieff Morris was caught tugging on Seth Curry’s shorts from the bench during the Blazers’ final play of regulation. Luckily for Morris, the referees were not able to see it as he got away with this violation.

Morris had his right foot on the playing court and easily could have warranted a technical foul if the referees had seen it. He also tugged at Curry’s shorts twice, prompting some kind of discomfort on the Blazers’ shooting guard.

Of course, Damian Lillard had the ball during the final play and wound up taking the shot. But had Lillard kicked out the ball to Curry during that play, this could have been a bigger issue.

Morris not only pulled off this bit of sneakiness, but he was on a tear during the Wizards’ win. He had a team-high 28 points and grabbed nine rebounds in just 25 minutes of play. The 6-foot-10 stretch forward scored when the team needed it the most, and he could have put up more points if he did not put himself in foul trouble.

The Monday night win was the first in three games for the Scott Brooks-led Wizards. They could easily be 3-0 right now, if not for the close games they lost in their previous two. The Wizards lost to the Miami Heat by one point during their season opener and were defeated by the Toronto Raptors only by four points.

The Wizards are still awaiting the recovery of center Dwight Howard, the team’s recent big-name acquisition during the offseason.