Wizards video: Washington players dance with Isaiah Thomas' kids pregame
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VIDEO: Wizards players dance with Isaiah Thomas’ kids pregame

Isaiah Thomas, Wizards

There are plenty of adorable things in the world, and seeing six-foot-seven athletes dance it out with children is probably high up on the list. That’s exactly what happened when the Washington Wizards turned their locker room into a temporary dance floor with Isaiah Thomas’ kids.

The two-time All-Star sneaked his children into the locker room so they can get to meet his new teammates. The team was happy to entertain and engage with them for a good bit. The Wizards social media team caught the adorable moment and immediately shared it for their fans to see.

You can see the entire Wizards team focusing all of their attention to IT’s kids, giving them as much of grand as they can before heading out to warm up.

Not only is it a great way for the team to loosen up before a big game against the Houston Rockets, but it also served as a quick team-building activity that fans all over the league definitely approve of.

And it seemed like it worked! The Wizards pushed a top-heavy Rockets to the limit, only losing by one in an incredible final score of 159-158. Some fans would see the game as a blatant disregard for defense, but the fans were definitely entertained with what they saw.

Rui Hachimura put on a show, finishing with 23 points and five rebounds. He also showcased his range as he was 3-for-3 from beyond the arc. Bradley Beal was sensational with his 46 points, six rebounds and eight assists. Thomas was also solid off the bench, finishing the night with 17 points, two rebounds and 10 assists.

If this is the impact Thomas’ kids will have, Wizards fans will be begging for them to dance with the team before every game.