What do LeBron James and Gable Steveson have in common? Well, besides being Olympic gold medalists, both decided to go on television during a pivotal period in their lives in order to publically announce their “Decision” on what to do next in their careers.

For James, the show was broadcast on ESPN, and while there are still some detractors to this day who call the maneuver tacky, in the end, the decision to leave Cleveland for Miami was a fruitful one, as it provided the future Hall of Famer with an opportunity to secure his first ring and cement his legacy in the NBA. But would Steveson's decision do the same? And what would he choose? Would he go back to Minnesota – or transfer to Iowa – for another crack at the NCAA Championship? Or would he instead go all-in on the Olympics in pursuit of a second gold medal?

Well, the 23-year-old was afforded an opportunity to speak on NXT about that very topic, and while it may have taken a tad longer to get to the point than some may have liked, as a certain someone decided to butt in and make it all about himself, in the end, the choice should resonate for years to come like that of “King” James.

Good news, Gable Steveson is staying in NXT. Bad news? Baron Corbin.

Walking to the ring with a hero's welcome not too dissimilar from the ones Kurt Angle used to receive back in the day, Gable Steveson addressed the WWE Universe like a grizzled pro, introducing himself to new fans and letting the old ones in on his plans for the future.

“Thank you to everyone in NXT. Many of you might not know who I am, but I would like to introduce myself. My name is Gable Steveson, and I'm a 2020 Olympic gold medalist and a two-time NCAA Champion. And next year, at the Paris 2024 Olympic game, I can become America's first-ever two-time Olympic Medalist,” Gable Steveson said. “Thank you. Or I could go back to college and become a three-time NCAA Champion. Or I can finally make my decision right now, and that decision is-”

So what would it be? What did Steveson decide? Well, unfortunately, fans didn't hear the answer, as none other than Baron Corbin walked out to the ring to try to dissuade Steveson from moving to Orlando, as being a WWE Superstar is a h-e-double hockey sticks that he wouldn't wish on his worst enemy.

“Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, Gable. Gable, Gable, Gable, let's be careful about what you say next, because what you say next could determine your entire future,” Baron Corbin said. “So look, man to man, let me give you some advice, I'm trying to help you out here. I say, go back to college, win another National Championship. I say, go back to the Olympics, win another gold; I mean, you said it yourself, you would be the first American wrestling two-time gold medalist. Just don't come to NXT. Because if I do, Gable look, I don't want to do this, but I'm going to make you do something you've never done before: fail. I mean look where your standing, this is not amateur wrestling; these ropes will show you who you are; this mat, it will humble you. This whole thing will make you question your whole existence, so much so that you walk back into this building, you step to an Olympic gold medalist, and tell them you don't belong here. Look, for eight years, I've done everything they've asked me, I've toed the line, and I have never once stepped over it, but I no longer care. Gable, I understand that you're a bad man, but this is a different game, and you, you are swimming with sharks. And right now, you are staring eye-to-eye with a great white, and I am starving, and I smell blood.”

Having clearly heard enough, Steveson decided to finally share his “Decision,” and it came with a new little caveat that didn't make the formerly “Happy” Superstar very happy at all.

“You just made my decision that much easier. How about this, me versus you in my first match at The Great American Bash?” Steveson said before Suplexing Corbin not once but twice as the crowd went wild.

All jokes aside, on paper, Corbin really isn't a bad first opponent for Steveson at all, as he's one of the most experienced WWE Superstars in NXT and the sort of human heat generator that will make the “New Olympic Hero” look like an uber babyface for fans who have never watched a second of Greco-Roman wrestling. Still, if this is more than just a one-off, that means fans have to watch more Corbin on NXT, which, unless he's feuding with Chef Reactions, isn't an ideal outcome, especially with Gable's brother, Damon Kemp – aka Bobby Steveson – already on the roster.