The New York Yankees saw an early 1-0 lead instantly disappear after a disappointing tag attempt (or lack thereof) from starting catcher Gary Sanchez.

At the bottom of the first inning against the New York Mets on Friday, the Yankees seemed set to maintain their lead when Javier Baez's two-out hit was easily recovered by Joey Gallo. The left fielder then quickly threw the ball to Sanchez, who received the ball with time to spare before the running Jonathan Villar make it to the plate.

In a rather shocking turn of events, Sanchez missed the tag on Villar. While the umpire initially ruled out Villar, the call was overturned after the replay showed Sanchez not moving his gloves at all as the Mets' second baseman extended his leg to the home plate,

Here's how the head-scratching move play went down, to the surprise of all Yankees fans:

Sure enough, Yankees fans and the media watching the botched play couldn't believe what they just witnessed. Given that the team is on a six-game losing streak heading to the Subway Series, they couldn't afford to make mistakes that could have been easily avoided.

Supporters and experts alike criticized Sanchez's lack of effort in tagging Villar, while some highlight it's a plain, terrible play.

Other joked about the real-life glitch that Sanchez went through, while some questioned the Yankees and their ability to compete at the highest level with players making such bad mistakes.