The Oklahoma City Thunder suffered a disappointing Western Conference Finals series, losing in Game 7 after being up 3-1 early in the series. Once again, they have missed out on their chance for an NBA championship ring.

Well worry not KD and Russell, because Young Thug’s got you covered.

In an Instagram video he posted, Young Thug offers some of the rings he has as a consolation prize for the Thunder players.

“I heard Durant and Westbrook lost the last game, you know what I'm saying? They needed some rings,” Young Thug says in the video. “The G.O.A.T. told me to tell 'em, they ain't lost – I got rings for the whole team. Everybody pull up, I got rings for 'em, even the bench.”


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While the rings are certainly nice, something tells me they won't be able to make up for losing three straight games to a team they had on the ropes, or help the feeling come back in Steven Adams family jewels.

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