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Zion Williamson asking woman to ‘link up’ on Snapchat has fans calling cap

Zion Williamson Pelicans snapchat

Zion Williamson is an NBA superstar with millions of fans and the weight of the New Orleans Pelicans franchise on his shoulders. Zion Williamson is also a 21-year-old bachelor just trying to live his life.

That’s what makes it complicated for NBA stars when their personal life gets plastered all over social media. Zion Williamson was allegedly caught shooting his shot with a fan that drew some perplexed reactions from some. But other spectators weren’t exactly buying it.

See for yourself in the video below:


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Zion Williamson snapchat

It’s obviously tough to confirm the authenticity of the clip, especially since you can basically just change your name or create an account named Zion Williamson. The Bitmoji for verified users adds a little more spice to it, but even that isn’t guaranteed evidence.

Though at the end of the day, legitimate or not, there’s nothing wrong with shooting your shot. Zion Williamson can do whatever he wants, and if fans want to obsess over it, so be it.

All New Orleans Pelicans fans want to see is their franchise player putting up big numbers and W’s on the court. Whatever he wants to do off of it is his business.