Some NFL records are easy to remember, given that they’re tied to the best American football players and coaches to ever step foot in the league. However, there are a number of records that tend to be overlooked. On the other hand, some of them are simply forgettable. For this piece, let’s take a look at the 10 least known NFL records that will surprise you.

Most Career Fumbles: Brett Favre

Brett Favre is a well-accomplished quarterback during his playing days. He is a three-time NFL MVP and a Super Bowl champion. Furthermore, he has also led the league in passing yards, passing touchdowns, and completion percentage.

However if there’s one thing that Brett Favre isn’t proud of, it would be becoming the NFL all-time leader in career fumbles. Favre tallied 166 during his Hall of Fame career.

Most Super Bowl Wins As a Player, Coach, and Assistant Coach: Tom Flores

Winning a Super Bowl as a player or a coach is already a tough job. While some people are able to win as a coach or a player, only a pair of football personalities have taken it to a whole new level. Mike Ditka and Tom Flores have both won a Super Bowl as a player, coach, and assistant coach. However, Flores has a total of four Super Bowl championships.

Tom Flores won the Super Bowl as a player with the Kansas City Chiefs. Furthermore, he won three as a coach and assistant coach for the Raiders.

Shortest Punt in Modern NFL History: Joe Theismann

Joe Theismann is a solid quarterback who has accomplished a lot in the NFL. He is a Super Bowl champion, NFL MVP, NFL Offensive Player of the Year, and also made two trips to the Pro Bowl.

Although the seasoned quarterback accomplished a lot, being a team’s punter was not one. With an injury to Jeff Hayes in a game against the Chicago Bears, Theismann was called up to make a punt. Theismann shanked the punt as the ball only traveled one yard over the line of scrimmage. That’s an NFL record that is unlikely to ever be broken.

Oldest Combined Coaching Matchup in NFL History: Pete Carroll and Bill Belichick

In 2020, two coaching greats in Pete Carroll and Bill Belichick faced each other coaching wise when the New England Patriots played the Seattle Seahawks. The two coaches combined for 137 years and 162 days. That is an NFL record. In 2022, both coaches are coming off seasons where their teams over-performed expectation in their 70’s.

Oldest Coach To Win a Super Bowl: Bruce Arians

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After his coaching stint with the Arizona Cardinals, Bruce Arians called it quits. But in 2019, he came out of retirement which eventually led him to winning his first Super Bowl championship with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers that starred Tom Brady.

With the win, Arians became the oldest head coach to win the coveted feat at 68 years old.

Youngest Player to Win a Super Bowl: Jamal Lewis

The Super Bowl is the clash between the two best teams in the NFL season. Because of this, it’s quite rare to see a rookie star in the grandest football stage. Nevertheless, Jamal Lewis was able to do it in Super Bowl XXXV while playing for the Baltimore Ravens. At 21 years and 152 days old, Lewis became a Super Bowl champion during his rookie season. He was also the youngest player to score a touchdown in a Super Bowl contest.

Oldest Player to be part of the Super Bowl: Steve DeBerg

When Tom Brady won the Super Bowl with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, he earned distinctions of becoming the oldest to appear and to win in a Super Bowl. However, he wasn’t the oldest to be part of a Super Bowl roster. That distinction goes to Steve DeBerg.

Coming out of retirement, DeBerg rode the bench of the Atlanta Falcons until Super Bowl XXXIII against the Denver Broncos. Although the Falcons didn’t win and the veteran didn’t see a single minute, DeBerg can find solace in setting the record for being the oldest player to become part of a Super Bowl roster.

Biggest Blowout in NFL History: Jaguars vs. Dolphins (2000)

Dan Marino is a decorated quarterback. However, the former NFL MVP couldn’t save his Miami Dolphins from a 62-7 blowout by the Jacksonville Jaguars during the final game of his career. Thanks to the fine play of Mark Brunell, Jay Fiedler, and Fred Taylor, the Jaguars easily defeated the Dolphins by 55 points. In the process, they also sent the legendary Dan Marino to retirement with an NFL record he’d like to forget.

Most Points by a NFL Team in a Loss: Kansas City Chiefs

Scoring plays a key role in winning games. However, it isn’t everything. The Kansas City Chiefs engaged the Los Angeles Rams in a shootout. Unfortunately, despite scoring 51 points, the Chiefs lost to the Rams 54-51.

Although the Chiefs were in a position to win, mistakes by Patrick Mahomes in the crucial moments let the game slip away.

Highest Scoring Game: Redskins vs. Giants (1966)

When the Washington Redskins took on the New York Giants in 1966, it would become a high-scoring affair. The two sides tallied a combined total of 113 points, which is the highest in NFL history. The game saw the Redskins come away with the victory, 72-41. The 72 points by Washington was also a record for most points scored by a team. The Redskins were paced by Sonny Jurgensen who tallied three touchdowns and completed 10 of his 16 passes.