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3 free agents Red Sox must sign in 2021 MLB Free Agency

Red Sox, Kevin Gausman, Robbie Ray, Justin Verlander

The Boston Red Sox had another impressive season that saw them make it to the American League Championship Series. After starting off the season as the hottest team in baseball, they had a collapse after the All-Star break but turned it on when it mattered and were able to sneak into the playoffs.

They beat the New York Yankees in the American League Wild-Card and knocked out the top-seeded Tampa Bay Rays. There are not many new additions that they can make as this free-agent class is filled with top-tier shortstops. They already have one of the best shortstops in Xander Bogaerts, and they don’t have a need for a third baseman as Rafael Devers is there.

Adding some pitching and possibly an outfielder is definitely something that the Red Sox should think about. No matter how much pitching a team has, they can always use more. That’s what the Red Sox might look to do this offseason. Let’s take a look at three players the Red Sox should add this offseason.

3 Players The Red Sox Should Add This Offseason

Robbie Ray

Ray has seen success in this league throughout his career but his performance with the Toronto Blue Jays last season might have been the best of his career. He is one of three Cy Young candidates and proved last season that he deserves to get paid like the best pitchers in baseball do. The Red Sox have a good starting rotation but they could add an ace caliber starting pitcher. There are not many better on the market.

Ray finished last season with a 13-7 record with a 2.84 ERA. He also was able to throw a lot of innings which is something that any ballclub will look at as a bonus.

Boston might not feel like they need to go out and spend this type of money on a pitcher. If they do want to, Robbie Ray would be the best option. The Red Sox don’t have a dominant ace and they should look to add one this offseason.

Kevin Gausman

Kevin Gausman is in the same boat as Robbie Ray as they both have been good pictures throughout their career but had their best year last season. He is going to cost a hefty amount but he might be slightly cheaper than Robbie Ray and that’s why the Red Sox might look at him. Gausman had elite stuff last year with the San Francisco Giants and proved that he is one of the best starting pitchers in baseball. He finished with a 14-6 record and a 2.81 ERA. He was also able to feature an elite strikeout rate as he struck out 227 batters in 192 Innings pitched.

Robbie Ray might be slightly better than Gausman, but Gausman is also going to be cheaper and the Red Sox might look that way.

Justin Verlander

This might be the Red Sox best option as Verlander is nearly nearing the end of his career and coming off an injury. Verlander has proven time and time again throughout his career with the Houston Astros and the Detroit Tigers that he’s one of the best pitchers in baseball history. Although he’s coming off an injury he’s still throwing close to 100 mph in his most recent bullpen. It is a good sign to teams that are looking to sign him because it shows that the velocity is still there. Verlander is an eight-time All-Star, World Series champion, AL MVP, and a two-time AL Cy Young Award winner. He’s also led the MLB three times in wins. He’s going to continue being an elite starting pitcher. No matter the age, Verlander is somebody who can come in and get a team 12-15 wins on the mound if he’s healthy.

He might not be looking for too long of a deal due to his age and the Red Sox might be able to snag a 2-4 year deal that would allow him to still pitch with elite stuff. But also allow them to not break the bank.

There aren’t a ton of ways that the Red Sox can get better but they might need to add a first baseman and an outfielder. If they don’t resign Kyle Schwaber, they might look to add Anthony Rizzo as it looks like the New York Yankees are going to move on from the first baseman. They could also add somebody like Starling Marte or Brian Reynolds if they feel like they need them in the outfield. It’s always a good thing to go out and get pitching so if the Red Sox have some money to spend they should definitely take a look at Kevin Gausman or Robbie Ray.