As rumors continue to be tossed around regarding the New York Knicks and their interest in Cavs' guard Collin Sexton, many have been pondering what sort of trade package it would take for a deal to be completed.

Sexton is still on his rookie deal and is due an extension at the end of next year. It's very possible Sexton will want a max deal and that perhaps Cleveland doesn't want to fork that money over to the dynamic guard. The Knicks meanwhile, have plenty of cap space to operate with and may view Sexton in a different light, leading the way for all the reports stating the interest New York has for Sexton.

Here are three trades the Knicks should offer for Cavs guard Collin Sexton.

Cavs receive: No. 19 pick, No. 21 pick, Kevin Knox

Knicks receive: Collin Sexton

The Knicks have all sorts of drafts picks in the coming years including three in the top 32 this year. They have four total and given the direction the franchise is heading after a 41-31 season, it's hard to imagine New York keeping all four picks this year and drafting four players to be on the roster for next year.

On the other side of the coin, the Cavs are still trying to build up a young roster while dealing with Kevin Love's massive contract and trying to figure out what pieces they want to hold onto moving forward.

While they aren't lottery picks, in this trade the Cavs get a couple solid first round selections to go along with their No. 3 overall pick and land Kevin Knox as well.

Knox has struggled since being taken at No. 9 overall in the 2018 NBA Draft. However, he's still just 21-years-old and could use a fresh change of scenery where he is in the rotation.

The Cavs receive good draft capital and a young forward who could still pan out to an extent while the Knicks get their targeted guard in Sexton.

Cavs receive: No. 21 pick, Obi Toppin

Knicks receive: Collin Sexton

This trade is where things could get really interesting.

Obi Toppin struggled throughout much of his rookie season but showed drastic signs of improvement at the end of the year and into the postseason. The potential for Toppin and his stock value within the Knicks skyrocketed after the way he finished the season.

The one roadblock that still remains is that Toppin and Randle play the exact same position without much flexibility to move around elsewhere. After an all-star and all-pro year for Randle, it's hard to imagine the Knicks doing anything outside of giving Randle a hefty extension. This could leave Toppin on the outside looking in, despite the growth he showed in the second half.

Tom Thibodeau could mix and match a small ball lineup that has both Randle and Toppin on the floor at once but it's unlikely both would start simultaneously moving forward.

In this trade, the Knicks keep No. 19, trade No. 21 and send Toppin along as well to the Cavs for Sexton.

This offer likely will ruffle the feathers of many Knicks fans but it's just the one first round pick instead of both. The Knicks get Sexton and could land another solid prospect with the No. 19 overall pick. Biting the bullet and trading Toppin could be a tough pill to swallow for Leon Rose and the Knicks' front office, but to get Sexton they may have to sweeten the pot just a bit for Cleveland to view it as a doable trade.

Cavs receive: No. 32 pick, No. 58 pick, Mitchell Robinson

Knicks receive: Collin Sexton

Out of the three trades listed, this one is the most “out there” idea on the board for a couple of reasons.

First, the Knicks already have Nerlens Noel and Taj Gibson hitting free agency. Robinson is coming off an injury plagued season that sidelined him for multiple chunks during the year. Without knowing what the future at the five spot looks like for New York, trading Robinson could leave them extremely thin at center.

Robinson is an interesting case for the Knicks because he has shown signs of growth and flashes of defensive brilliance but he hasn't been able to stay healthy much for New York. While it's a possibility the Knicks still view Robinson as a vital piece moving forward, the flip side could be that they now find him expendable and would include him in a trade this offseason.

In this trade, the Knicks keep both first-round selections but trade Robinson along with the No. 32 pick and the No. 58 pick for Sexton. Cleveland gets a young big with a good amount of upside and a couple of later picks while the Knicks land Sexton.

Cleveland may not be interested in Robinson given they have Jarrett Allen and may want at least one first in any trade where they give up Sexton. However, it could get to a point where the Cavs aren't in the power seat and have to part with Sexton for less than what they thought his initial value might be.