Giannis Antetokounmpo and the Milwaukee Bucks finally got their championship ring after being knocked out of the playoffs back-to-back years in tough fashion.

The Bucks received their NBA Championship rings from last season prior to their opening tip-off versus the Brooklyn Nets. It's their second as a franchise and the first in 50 years.

The details are mind-blowing, to say the least.

As expected, the Bucks put a lot of effort into their championship ring. Here

  1. The ring comes with the feature to wear it as a pendant on a chain or necklace.
  2. The team engraved the famous quote from former franchise star Brandon Jennings “Bucks in 6.
  3. The ring also features slogan “Fear The Deer”.
  4. The championship ring also has a QR Code of the championship run. When you scan the QR code from the ring, it will show the highlights from the team winning the championship last season.

Each year it seems that the NBA title rings get better and better. Beating this ring might be near impossible–with the diamonds, slogans and QR code. If Milwaukee goes back-to-back, it will be tough for even them and the ones who designed the ring to make a better one.

The Bucks kicked off their season Tuesday night versus the Nets with a big win, 127-104.