Even though he's still growing and developing as a young talent in this league, Jarrett Allen has established himself as one of the best rim protectors, rebounders, and shot blockers. His tireless defensive efforts, post moves, and presence as a lob threat are what will make him a highly sought-after free agent this summer, especially considering how rare a traditional big man in today's fast-paced game truly is. With that in mind, let's take a look at the five best landing spots for Jarrett Allen in free agency.

Charlotte Hornets 

The Hornets just came off one of their best seasons in a long time. It was a season that showcased the skills of rookie sensation (now NBA ROTY) LaMelo Ball and provided plenty of highlight reels from Miles Bridges. At the same time, they got major contributions from Terry Rozier, Gordon Hayward, and their other veteran players. With a surprise season where nobody was really expecting much out of Charlotte, this team came close to nabbing a playoff spot and may only be a piece or two away from becoming a legit playoff threat.


In Jarett Allen, they would get a mobile big man that provides great rim protection and a strong pick-and-roll game while helping them out on the boards with his size and strength. Adding Allen to a rotation of Ball, Bridges, Washington, Rozier, Graham, and Hayward would make them a legit playoff threat that also provides them with the much-needed size and stability at the center spot, which was a big issue for them last season. If Allen does join the Hornets, this will definitely make for one exciting young team with postseason contention in their sights.

Miami Heat 

For the past few seasons, something the Miami Heat have definitely been missing is size and depth in their frontcourt, and with Allen they would have the ideal frontcourt mate to pair with Bam Adebayo. The damage they would do on the glass while disrupting the passing lanes would be absolutely tantalizing to the rest of the league and would give the Heat a heavily feared frontcourt duo.

The addition of Allen would also open up the floor for Heat's shooters and slashers and make them a more efficient and effective offensive unit overall. With the Heat looking to get back into contention immediately, this move makes sense for them because their lack of size has been their fatal weakness and will continue to be an issue until they can address it fully. Plus, at only 23 years of age, Allen could be their big man of the future while helping the Heat make another title run next season.

Golden State Warriors 

Amongst the many other issues the Warriors need to fix coming into next season, having some steady and reliable size down low really could do justice for them. With Curry and Green's passing and Allen's size and speed, they would form some lethal pick-and-roll combos and may even lead the league in alley-oops.

His mobility and strength would be a welcomed addition to a Warriors team that hasn't found a strong solution at center since back when they had Andrew Bogut and Festus Ezeli on their roster. In Jarrett Allen, Golden State could have a long-term solution at center while their other young players develop and continually contend for another title.

Boston Celtics 

Still unfinished in their head coaching search, the Boston Celtics have a few needs to fill on the court as well. One of these needs is at the center spot, where a lack of one has had them playing small-ball the past few seasons. It was effective for a while, but with all the best teams in the east getting bigger up front, it's now time for the Celtics to join this trend and find themselves a new center.

With Allen entering free agency this summer, it could be an opportunity for the Celtics to sign a youthful and athletic center to run with their young core for the long haul. A starting lineup that features Tatum, Smart, Brown, and Allen would easily be a top-four team in the east and have them in the running with the Sixers, Nets, Bucks, and Hawks. Not only would this be an upgrade from Tristan Thompson, but it would also provide them with longevity at the center spot.

Cleveland Cavaliers 

With the Cleveland Cavaliers being the team Allen currently resides with, this would be an ideal place for him to stay and sign a long-term deal. The Cavs currently possess a young and dynamic backcourt that features Collin Sexton and Darius Garland, and they also have a high-flying wing in Larry Nance Jr.

Adding Jarrett Allen into the fold long-term would allow them to continually build around this young core while developing the team into a perennial playoff contender. In Cleveland, Allen would play an essential part in this team's future while also helping them return to postseason relevance.