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John Wall, Wizards

5 best trades the Wizards can get for John Wall

Free agency has taken the NBA by storm over the last few days. There have been massive deals, huge surprises, and it has NBA fans begging for more. One of the juiciest pieces of news throughout free agency has definitely been Wizards star point guard, John Wall, requesting a trade out of Washington.

Wall has been with the Wizards since 2010, but hasn’t played a game in almost two full years due to injury. When healthy, however, Wall is one of the most lethal guards in the NBA.

With Wall wanting out of Washington, I have decided to do some digging and create some hypothetical trades that yields a solid return for the Wizards.

Here are the 5 best trades the Wizards can make for John Wall

1. Wizards trade with the Knicks

Knicks Receive: John Wall

Wizards Receive: Julius Randle, Taj Gibson, Frank Ntilikina, Dennis Smith Jr, 2021 1st round pick (Dallas Mavericks),  2023 1st round pick

Why do the Knicks agree?

The Knicks make a splash in acquiring Wall, and go from laughing stock in the league to a playoff team. Wall would fit perfectly with the Knicks as well. He would solidify the point guard position and would move RJ Barrett to a secondary playmaker role.

Obi Toppin would also get more action in the pick and roll, where he excels, and Mitchell Robinson and Kevin Knox would round out the starting lineup. The Knicks give up no crucial young pieces, and secure an All-NBA talent.

The 2021 & 2023 draft picks are a small sacrifice to pay for an NBA superstar. The Knicks received two picks in 2021 and 2023 in the Kristaps Porzingis deal, so they would still have first round picks in both of those seasons.

Why do the Wizards agree?

The Wizards don’t get a superstar in return, but they do receive a solid power forward in Randle and some young guards in return to surround Bradley Beal, Rui Hachimura and Deni Avdija with some talent. Ntilikina and Dennis Smith Jr are still young, and still have the ability to make an impact on the floor.

More importantly, the Wizards add two first round picks which will help them build for the future.

The Wizards get a sizeable return for Wall, this deal is a win-win.

2. Wizards trade with the Mavericks

Mavericks Receive: John Wall

Wizards Receive: Tim Hardaway Jr, Jalen Brunson, James Johnson, 2022 1st round pick, 2024 1st round pick

Why do the Mavericks agree?

The Mavericks add John Wall to an offensive powerhouse of a team and instantly become one of the most dangerous teams in the Western Conference. With Wall and Luka handling the ball at any point in the game, the Mavericks are constantly dominating the game with guard play against virtually any opponent.

Wall gives this team another element on offense and also some much needed perimeter defense. The Mavs roll into next year with Luka, Kristaps, Wall, and some really nice young pieces acquired in the draft.

Why do the Wizards agree?

The Wizards agree to this deal primarily for the draft capital. Two future first round picks from an unproven team in the Western Conference is good return for someone who publicly stated that he wants out.

The Wizards also add some nice role players in this deal to make them relatively competitive in the mean time.

Wizards get deeper, younger, and rich with draft picks. Good deal for the Wizards.

3. Wizards Trade with the Rockets

Rockets Receive: John Wall

Wizards Receive: Russell Westbrook

Why would the Rockets agree?

The Westbrook-Harden duo clearly did not work in the playoffs. The two superstars were too similar of players and simply could not play together. Westbrook has also been very vocal about wanting to leave the Rockets because of owner, Tim Fertita.

Why would the Wizards agree?

The Wizards receive a superstar in return and are a playoff team right away in the Eastern Conference. They could be satisfied with the young talent that they already have on their roster in Deni Avdija and Rui Hachimura, and decide to go with a win-now mentality while Bradley Beal is under contract.

This may be the only superstar the Wizards get in return for Wall.

Westbrook would add athleticism and playmaking to the Wizards back court. Bradley Beal would still be the team’s number one option, but Westbrook’s ability to create and play in transition would surely make them a playoff team.

4. Wizards trade with the Jazz

Jazz Receive: John Wall

Wizards Receive: Mike Conley, 2022 1st round pick, 2024 first round pick, 2021 2nd round pick, 2023 2nd round pick

Why would the Jazz agree? 

The Jazz are already a playoff team without Mike Conley in the lineup. Rudy Gobert is a defensive anchor, and Donovan Mitchell is a young superstar. The Jazz are well coached and are one piece away from making some real noise in the Western Conference.

Adding John Wall to this team allows Mitchell to move to the shooting guard position, and brings transition and playmaking to the Jazz. This could be the deal that gets them over the hump of a team that is consistently getting eliminated in the first round of the playoffs.

Why would the Wizards agree?

Draft capital. The Wizards receive two first round picks and two second round picks in this deal, giving them a better opportunity to rebuild for the future. Mike Conley should also fill in nicely for the Wizards and would serve as a solid starting point guard until his contract expires.

The Wizards stay relatively competitive and receive draft capital for their future. This trade makes sense for Washington.

5. The Wizards trade with the Magic

Magic Receive: John Wall

Wizards Receive: Mo Bamba, Aaron Gordon, Markelle Fultz, 2021 1st round pick, 2022 2nd round pick

Why would the Magic agree?

The Magic have been stuck being an average team for the last few years. Although they have plenty of appealing assets, they haven’t been able to pull it together. Adding John Wall in return for some young pieces could be exactly what the Magic need to be competitive again.

The Magic give up some of their young stars, but still keep their most promising prospects, Cole Anthony, Jonathan Isaac, and Chuma Okeke. The Magic add a star, and they only have to give up a few players and one future first round pick. Great deal for Orlando.

Why would the Wizards agree?

The Wizards get only one draft pick in return, but they also add three young pieces with the potential to turn into impact players. Rather than just relying on draft picks to pan out, the Wizards receive something tangible with three young pieces.

The Wizards get younger and build for the future. Good deal for the Wizards.

Regardless of where he ends up, the Wizards are likely to deal John Wall before the start of next season.

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