Thanks to an article by The Hollywood Reporter, DC fans have flooded social media with different reactions to James Gunn's rumored shakeup of the DC Universe. With rumors swirling about Wonder Woman 3 not getting the green light and the likeliness of several sequels from happening, there really is a lot happening that involves the franchise, the projects under it, and the person tasked to oversee the restructuring of the entire thing – Gunn. And while there are no confirmed details on who's getting the axe or not, we take a look down below at several characters who must be recast to strengthen DC's slate of films in the future.

5 DC characters that must be recast following James Gunn's rumored shakeup

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5. Flash

It's no secret that the Flash franchise has been a constant source of frustration for DC and Warner Bros. Discovery. Thanks to Ezra Miller's strange behavior behind the camera these past few years, the fate of the Scarlet Speedster's future in the DC Universe has always been in danger of burning out.

And while some may see Gunn's alleged shakeup of DC films under him as a detriment, Flash fans can view it as a blessing in disguise to do away with Miller and take someone more deserving and capable to don the suit. A good way to achieve this feat is by tweaking the upcoming Flash film to make this change. In doing so, Gunn would be saving the DC Universe from a lot of headaches with a new actor as the Flash.

4. Shazam

Shazam has been a pleasant surprise for DC fans because of the film's light tone that sets it apart from the franchise's trademark gloom and doom feel. It also helps that both Zachary Levi and Asher Angel's portrayal of the character in both forms is a very welcome development. The thing is, the latter is growing old and may not be fit as the young Billy Batson anymore when James Gunn rolls out his 10-year plan for the DC Universe.

As hard as it may sound, there might come a time when the role of Billy Batson and Shazam must be recast. Doing so will help solve the aging concern of the actors while helping the franchise blend in more effectively with the overall plan to make DC more competitive in the coming years. Plus, there is great potential for Shazam to reach new heights if an epic story is paired with the right cast that can grow together during that period. All of these things would only be possible if James Gunn and the fans accept that this is but a small sacrifice to elevate Shazam to the top.

3. Aquaman

Jason Momoa has been one of the very few actors who have stayed on with their role in DC as Aquaman. Thanks to his enormous amounts of charisma and making the character more popular, Momoa was able to secure a sequel to the first Aquaman film, which is slated to come out in 2023.

While the success of The Lost Kingdom can't be gauged yet, there's concern that Momoa is in danger of losing the role of Arthur Curry as a potential victim of the rumored shakeup. This can hurt Gunn, DC, and Warner Bros. Discovery in the short term but ultimately, it can be a big win for the future of everyone involved. Some fans believe that Momoa can be best used as Lobo, a character Gunn has teased in the past. This potential move can open up Aquaman to new possibilities, including making it more synergistic to the overall DC Universe and its future. If done right, Aquaman can become a steadier presence in the franchise than what it is today.

2. Harley Quinn

Similar to Shazam's problem, the window may be closing on Robbie Margot's time as Harley Quinn. While she is the perfect embodiment of the anti-hero, Margot's age and rising popularity in Hollywood may be a detriment to the character's future in the DC Universe. 10 years is a long time for an actress to stay in a role and it might come to a point where Margot's status can be a hindrance to the further development of Harley Quinn.

James Gunn's rumored shakeup can be the opportunity to recast a character that isn't as integral as those in the DC Trinity, which includes Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman. If done correctly, Harley Quinn's future can be further strengthened and made even better than the one with Margot in it. It's also future-proof as Harley Quinn can be used to great effect with the right kind of story behind the character.

1. Batman

The Dark Knight has been DC's heaviest hitter and its best character for decades. The use of his popularity is integral to the success of DC as a cinematic universe, more than the other members of the Trinity – Superman and Wonder Woman. But due to Ben Affleck's age and his involvement in past projects that flopped, like Joss Whedon's Justice League, there is some concern about the actor's role for DC.

This is where James Gunn can step in and use his creativity to case someone new to don the Batsuit. While the more popular option is to go for Robert Pattinson, there's a case to be made for casting a new actor. Pattinson isn't really the franchise-kind of guy, the one who would commit to multiple films that easily these days. Using a new actor and going for a Multiversal approach to the story can make things work to separate Pattinson's version from the primary DC Universe. In doing so, Gunn and company can emulate what Marvel has done during the past decade to create a sustainable cinematic universe.

If done correctly, recasting these characters can work wonders for Gunn and DC. It remains to be seen whether the current actors involved in these roles would be retained or not. One thing is for sure, though. The coming years will be definitely interesting for DC as a cinematic universe and for James Gunn as the brains behind it.