For the first time in professional wrestling history, AEW will be holding Dynasty, a brand new Pay-Per-View being broadcast live from St. Louis, Missouri, to fans worldwide across multiple providers.

In a matter of hours, fans will get to see not one, not two, but six of AEW's official titles get defended live and on Pay-Per-View – plus one unofficial title, the FTW title, on the main card, and two more trios belts, the AEW and Ring of Honor Trios/Six Man titles on the Zero Hour – and the best part? Those matches don't even account for arguably the most highly anticipated match on the show, as Will Ospreay and Bryan Danielson will be duking it out somewhere on the show to decide on something more important than 10 pounds of gold: the title of best professional wrestler in the world.

Sounds exciting, right? Well, it certainly will be. And the best part? With of so many different options at Tony Khan's disposal, there are sure to be some pretty incredible developments on the show too, from title changes, to massive returns, and maybe even a new debut or two to really take things over the top.

Intrigued? Well you should be, as when it comes to AEW Pay-Per-Views, there's always something interesting just waiting to be experienced live and in person.

4. Chris Jericho wins the FTW Championship

For years now, it's felt like a missed opportunity to have the FTW Champion be whoever made the most sense for Taz at the time, with Bryan Cage begetting Ricky Starks and Ricky Starks begetting the current reign of almost 600 days, which has been held by Hook save a month or so when Jack Perry held the belt ahead of All In at Wembley Stadium.

What? Did you forget about Perry's time with the belt? It's okay, a lot happened that day.

While the FTW Championship isn't technically a recognized title by AEW, it does get defended like one, and as a result, someone could beat Hook – or whomever – for the belt and go on a run of their own, defending it against whomever they please in whatever venue they'd like, including Jericho, who hasn't held gold in AEW since Jon Moxley beat him to become the second-ever AEW World Champion. Give him the FTW Championship and the structure that comes with it, and who knows, maybe he could be back in a compelling storyline for the foreseeable future.

3. Jack Perry returns to AEW to help FTR The Young Bucks.

If Tony Khan wants to pull off the ultimate swerve – lowercase – at AEW Dynasty, he has the potential to do so with the return of “Jungle Boy” Jack Perry, who is widely expected to re-join the Young Bucks as part of the new Elite with Kazuchika Okada – who will almost certainly defeat Pac in his own PPV match. All Khan has to do is hit the opening notes of “Cry Me a River,” have JB run out, and then hit a Jackson brother with a low blow, setting them up perfectly for a Shatter Machine and a 1-2-3 to make FTR the first-ever three-time AEW Tag Team Champions.

The problem? A swerve for the sake of a swerve is Vince Russo's booking, and after testing the goodwill of some fans by playing the CM Punk All In video in the lead-up to this match, which a swerve might be too much. Pairing up Perry with Okada and the Jackson Brothers, at least for now, makes perfect sense in the short term, and even if the faction loses their match to FTR, they could still clean up against Bullet Club Gold in the Trios Division, assuming they beat The Acclaimed for the belts on the preshow, of course.

2. Swerve Strickland becomes the AEW World Champion

This one feels almost too obvious for a bold predictions piece, right? Swerve has been giving babyface champion interviews for weeks now, has a speaking part in the promotion's TBS/TNT commercial where he touts his military experience, and literally took a replica belt to the St Louis Cardinals game to help sell a few more tickets to the show. In the style of Cody Rhodes, Strickland is already a champion in everything but name only.

1. Will Ospreay is crowned the “Commonwealth King” at AEW Dynasty

On paper, this is a match that could go either way, too, as Bryan Danielson could win the opening match of a proposed trilogy that runs through the summer, or Ospreay could win it outright at AEW Dynasty and allow the duo to go their separate ways ahead of a few more Pay-Per-Views leading into All In 2024.

Which path is right? Debatable, as this feud has been by far the top angle in AEW by a good measure, but considering this is an early favorite to win Match of the Year, it's safe to assume Ospreay is going to go over, and the “Billy Goat” is going to earn the endorsement of the “American Dragon” and etch his name into the annals of professional wrestling history as the best individual performer in the world right now.

Eventually, TK will have to figure out what to do with Ospreay, as regardless of who wins the AEW World Championship, the “Aeriel Assassin” has to be the favorite to become the next man with the promotion's top belt, but that's a question for another day. Today, Ospreay – probably – beats Danielson, and if that's not the textbook definition of a dream match, then I don't know what is.