After 296 days, Kenny Omega has recaptured a championship belt in AEW, becoming the inaugural World Trios Champion alongside the Young Bucks, Nick and Matt Jackson.

Over that tenure, another new belt, the AEW All-Atlantic Championship, was christened, two more belts, the World Championship and the AEW Women's Championship, had interim editions minted, and every single strap in the promotion save Jade Cargill's TBS Championship has changed hands at least once.

And yet, despite so much movement across the championship picture, Omega's win at All Out – which was really more of a “Hangman” Adam Page loss, but I digress – marked an important milestone in AEW history.

After over two years where it was a technical possibility, Omega officially became AEW's first ever Triple Crown Champion, as he's held the AEW World Championship, the AEW World Tag Team Championship, and the AEW World Trios Championship belts in addition to his expansive collection of other titles from promotions like Lucha Libre AAA, Impact, and NJPW. While this development is far from the most consequential to come out of All Out, or even the most intriguing one involving Omega, as he was reportedly bitten in the back by CM Punk's trainer/AEW producer Ace Steel, it is a story of note, as it shows that with hard work and perseverance, anyone can overcome the odds and get where they need to be.

Kenny Omega's path back to AEW was far from smooth.

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When AEW officially announced Forbidden Door, the co-promotional Pay-Per-View booked live at the United Center in Chicago, fans wanted to see one thing and one thing above all else: the return of Omega.

No member of the AEW roster had a deeper connection to NJPW than Omega, no other wrestler had more six-star matches in a lion-graphic-decorated ring than Omega, and no performer had more intriguing feuds, from Okada to Will Ospreay, that could be perfectly picked up at the show than Omega. To his credit, the “Best Bout Machine” fully intended to get back in time for Forbidden Door, but as he detailed to Fightful, as passed along by, he just couldn't get everything right in time:

My timetable, before all of this started, I wanted to be back for [Forbidden Door]. Being back for this show was incredibly important to me and I really wanted to mix it up with somebody from New Japan, and it sucks that I couldn't do it. It's to the point where I want to be on this show even if it's just to do commentary. I just want involvement, but I'm not there yet. I don't want to take a spot from anybody. I don't want to put a spotlight on myself when it's not going to lead to anything. I'm definitely cool to sit and cheer on the sidelines for everyone to go out there and kill it and have a great show. In terms of timeline, I put myself back on the road to help out with some of the Owen Hart Cup matches, and I felt it was too soon. It was too difficult for me to miss three or four days of rehab, and to have to put myself in a position where I was flying again and being hands-on with talent. When I'm trying to agent something or show something, when I'm moving from point A to point B backstage, I'm moving quicker than I thought that I would and doing more than I thought and I'm not eating or resting properly. I felt it really started to set me back. I'm not saying I would have been ready for Forbidden Door had I not done it, but when I started to recognize that it was a detriment to my recovery, I kept myself home and I'm focusing more on what I can do remotely and I'm doing everything I can for the game to make sure we can make release.

As it turns out, it would take almost two more months for Omega to make it back to the ring, and when he did return to the ring for the first round of the AEW World Trios Championship Tournament, he had to wear a compression sleeve, a compression shirt, and braces basically all over his body. Were some of those athletic supporters for show? Potentially so, Omega's shirt was ripped off during his match versus Ospreay and the United Empire, and he finished out the match just fine, and at All Out, “The Cleaner” looked more or less like the man who held the AEW World Championship for 346 days, which, considering he needed multiple surgeries at that point, wasn't his NJPW 100 percent but was good enough to be named PWI Top Wrestler of 2021.

But now? Now, none of that really matters; Omega is back in AEW with a belt around his waist, and as long as he doesn't get wasted in the backstage area by a “Steel chair,” his reign should be just as memorable as his last two in AEW.