After watching his very good friend Roderick Strong lose his International Championship at Double or Nothing, Adam Cole was so distraught about the AEW audience celebrating the end of the “Messiah of the Backbreaker's” reign that he marched down to the ring with the devil mask he used in his feud with MJF for a special edition of storytime.

“None of you understand the h*ll that I've been through these past two years, and I still get disrespected. Because whether anyone wants to admit it or not, I am one of the greatest wrestlers of this generation. We do have a little devil in all of us, and I want to make one promise and one promise very, very clear: when I am 100 percent, you will give the devil his due, and the devil's name is…”

Unfortunately for the “Panama Playboy,” he didn't get to rip off his signature catchphrase as the lights went down and the crowd went wild, signifying the return of everyone's favorite scumbag: MJF.

MJF doesn't need Adam Cole, NJPW, or Vince McMahon to get over.

After sharing a very well-produced POV video package that only grew excitement further, MJF marched down to the ring to confront a still not cleared Adam Cole, and while it looked like he may have forgiven his former friend, their hug was shortlived, as the “Salt of the Earth” opted to kick his old brochacho right in the crotch and booted him from the ring, as he had plenty to say and no interest in turning his monologue into a conversation.

“Adam Cole, you noodle-armed, bobble-headed of a b**ch, uh oh, did I hurt the Bay Bay? Tough s**t, someone get this s**tstain out of my ring, huh? Oh, and Cole, while they're dragging your bony carcass out of here, I want you to try to listen as you're close to unconsciousness. See I gave you something I've never given anyone else before: trust. And thanks to you, brochacho, that s**t ain't happening again. See, he thought he took out MJF… but he did't take out MJF. No, all he did was wake him up. See now I remember exactly who the h*ll I am; I'm the greatest wrestler on God's green earth! I am a generational talent! My name is Maxwell Jacob Freedman, and I'm better than you and you know it,” MJF announced.

“But why is that MJF? Pray tell. Oh, I will, because unlike Adam Cole, and all of those schmucks in the back, I don't need a New Japan or a Vince McMahon to make MJF because MJF made MJF! So when it comes to the ‘Salt of the Earth,' back to your regularly schedule programming, folks; no more ha ha, no more friendships, no more Kangaroo Kicks, no more bulls**t. Back to being driven by what I'm driven by best and I'm not talking about love, no, no, no, I'm talking hate, hate, hate. And when your boy's driven by hate, nobody's safe.

“And you see this stupid mask? Masks are adorned by cowards who want to hide. See I'm about done hiding, I'm about done being humble, I'm about done apologizing for the fact that I'm the godd**n best! No one is more complete in this sport than me. And it's not my fault, ladies and gentlemen that all of your cute little faves in comparison to muah suck a big ole bag of donkey d**ks! I don't need a mask to prove that no one is on the level (of the devil.) So this stupid, goofy, grotesque mask that symbolizes the tail end of 2023 and makes my stomach turn in knots, this dumb mask and everything it symbolizes can go straight to h*ll! I've been betting on myself since day one, I'm all in double or nothing, so in regards to my contract status, as if it wasn't already painfully obvious to all of you stupid marks, no offense, to quote one of the all-time greats, may he rest in peace… when it comes to MJF in AEW, you can call me the Wolf of Wrestling because I'm not f**king leaving!”

Holy crap, now that's how you bring back a star; while the news that MJF was still under contract with AEW was broken by Fightful a few days prior to Double or Nothing, no one can tell the pride of Long Island's story better than Mrs. Freedman's baby boy, and he did so masterfully, with the crowd hanging on his every word, and the camera captivated by his presence. While only time will tell what 2024 has in store for MJF, it's safe to say fans are excited to see what he brings to the table.