After securing a massive win over “The American Dragon” Bryan Danielson in 60 minutes and change at Revolution, MJF was riding high. He got the accolades, he got the glory, and he got to keep his prized possession, The Triple B, the only thing keeping him from “calling it a day.”

So naturally, when the time came for the champ to leave the ring and walk down the hall to talk wrestling, he wasn’t just going to take a seat at the table next to Tony Khan and take a few questions. No, MJF was ready to go off and shoot on pretty much everyone, from Dave Meltzer to his co-workers, and even the other reporters in the room, even if he did it quite literally off the mic.

“Who’s the best wrestler in the world, is it Kenny Omega? Jon Moxley? Bryan Danielson? I’m just curious; tell me, Dave (Meltzer), is it your boy Kenny? Is it Jon? Yeah, laugh all you want, dipsh*t, I’m the f***ing best in the world now! Me!” MJF said. “There’s no question, I’m the best wrestler on this planet. Nobody’s got my body; nobody’s got my mind, nobody’s got my brain. Inside that ring, on the microphone, hell, even in this press conference.”

“I don’t need a whole group backing me, I don’t need someone in my ear advising me, telling me how to walk, how to talk, theirs is nobody, and I mean no-no-no-nobody on my level, and you’re gonna hear it over and over again because ain’t nobody dethroning The Devil. Sh*t’s getting real, isn’t it?”

“But I feel good; I don’t have my back against the wall anymore, I don’t have anything I need to panic about, I’m having fun now.”

Wow. While MJF did settle down and even take a few questions, basically no one was safe from his ire, save the pickles he had on the table, which he loved almost as much as his World Championship Title.

MJF puts multiple AEW wrestlers on notice after Revolution.

Finally actually taking questions from reporters instead of monologing on his own, MJF was asked who he would like to face now that his feud with Danielson is done.

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“Godd*mn man, to be brutally honest, I’m not a mark like everyone else who works here, I don’t have ‘dream matches,’” MJF said. “What I have is this, the most important title in all of professional wrestling. What everybody’s dream should be is to face me because there’s nobody more important in this business than MJF. How’s that for an answer?”

Later in the session, MJF was asked more or less the same question, with “Hangman” Adam Page specifically mentioned as a potential challenger moving forward, and he opened things up a bit further, too.

“I will be brutally honest, like I said, I do have a lot of people on my radar,” MJF said. “I am fully aware that ‘Hangman’ Adam Page is a formidable competitor, and I’m also aware of how I won this.”

MJF held up the Dynamite Diamond Ring.

“Does anyone know who I beat for this ring?” MJF asked. “’Hangman’ Adam Page. I think Adam Page is scared of MJF and I think he knows better than to come anywhere near MJF for the time being. There are other people here who I genuinely really, really don’t like. I also don’t love the fact that a guy like Jungle Boy or Darby Allin or Sammy Guevara is allowed to walk around like they are homegrown superstars. They’re homegrown, they’re very solid but at this point, I think it is very obvious that there is only one pillar that actually holds this place up, so I would kind of like to prove a point there.”

“Adam Cole was talking sh*t on Twitter, I wasn’t a fan of that. I think he should keep his f***ing mouth shut and he should tell his girlfriend to do so as well. Are there more people? Sure, I don’t like Claudio Castagnoli’s face, I think Eddie Kingston is a crybaby b***h, and I think he’s also a little punk and I wouldn’t mind to slap him across his blue-collar face. There’s a lot of people that I would love to demolish both on the microphone and in the ring but like I said, I don’t do dream matches. The only dream I have is to hold this and for the reign of terror to last an eternity.”

Who will MJF feud with next in AEW? Fans will find out soon enough, but whoever draws that straw will have one heck of a feud to live up to.