Mandy Rose hasn’t even been a former employee of WWE for a week, and yet, she’s already drawing incredible interest from around the professional wrestling world, from fans, to fellow wrestlers, and even those in the backstage area who could sway her hiring decisions. Case and point, the fine folks over at Busted Open Radio, who decided to comment on the news of the day and even let it slip that, no matter how things shake out, she has at least one offer on the table from a wrestling promotion moving forward.

“If I was Tony Khan, I would’ve sent my jet to Mandy’s house, and the first person you would’ve seen on ‘Dynamite’ last night was Mandy Rose,” Ray said h/t Wrestling Headlines. “I understand that [she has a non-compete], but if that non-compete stuff wasn’t in the way, it’s a no-brainer.”

But what if Khan doesn’t follow Ray’s advice? Well, Dreamer believes that his current company, Impact Wrestling, would happily snatch up the performer formerly known as Mandy Rose. Why? Well, two reasons, really.

“If she doesn’t go to AEW, 1,000 percent Impact would love to have her,” Dreamer said. “Because she’s a star, and she’s great in the ring. And if AEW doesn’t jump on that, Impact will. Mandy Rose, call me, text me, DM me.”

Oh snap, while Dreamer doesn’t technically book shows for Impact, that honor belongs to Scott D’Amore, he has been working for the company in one form or another since 2018, including his current roles as a backstage producer and in-ring performer. Assuming Impact can field a competitive offer, or, alternatively, an offer that is worth Rose returning to the ring when she’s reportedly cleaning up on her FanTime page financially, it sounds like the former pillar of NXT, as Grayson Waller called her, could soon be back in a ring and starting a new multi-hundred day win-streak in no time. If TBS/TNT/Warner Bros Discovery have similar feelings about Rose’s extracurricular activities, then she might be in luck, as Impact’s parent company, Anthem, owns AXS TV and thus can do as they please.

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Impact tried to sign another star before she landed in WWE or AEW.

Ironically enough, Rose isn’t the only star female performer Impact was trying to lock up full-time in 2022, as, according to Dreamer, they also hoped to lock up the performer who eventually took the belt off of Amanda Saccomanno, Rok-C (now Roxanne Perez), but ultimately lost out on her due to a tryout scheduled through WWE.

“Which means he’s [Booker T] a great trainer,” Dreamer said. h/t Post Wrestling “He really is because you saw that [Roxanne Perez winning the NXT Women’s Title]. Think about the ride that she’s had in one year. I believe she went into the year as the Ring of Honor Women’s Champion and she’s leaving , she worked IMPACT, had one hell of a match and we were like, ‘We wanna sign her’ but she was like, ‘I got a tryout with WWE.’ ‘Cool, go. Hopefully it works out’ and boom, she’s ending the year defeating Mandy Rose who had one hell of a reign. Congratulations to you. You reinvented your career, you reinvented your life, you made yourself have so much value and then, you know, for Roxanne Perez, what a great year. What a great book-end year.”

“How it is with IMPACT, she was open and honest about, ‘Hey, I have a WWE tryout’ and everybody, ‘Cool, go. Hopefully it works out for you…’ It wasn’t like, no, stay with us. It’s [a] much different vibe than how the industry used to be.”

Now, as fans may or may not recall, Perez actually did work a match on Impact in January of 2022, where she took part in a title vs. title match against Deonna Perazo to decide on both the Ring of Honor Women’s World Championship and the Lucha Libre AAA Reina de Reinas Title, but that was largely booked to take the strap off of Rok and mitigate it over to AEW, where it was won by Mercedes Martinez on the May 4th edition of Dynamite. Still, had WWE opted against pursuing Perez for whatever reason, be it her age, height, or lack of college sports-playing experience, it would have been very interesting to imagine what a Rok-C run would have looked like in Impact Wrestling. Would she be the performer who eventually retired Micky James? Would she still be a two-time champion after bringing in the Impact belt instead of the NXT Women’s Championship? The “What ifs” are endless.