While All In is often described as the first-ever AEW show, technically speaking, the show almost predated the promotion by a full year, with Tony Khan, Cody Rhodes, Kenny Omega, and the Young Bucks not officially coming together under the All Elite Wrestling moniker until 2019, when they opted to go Double or Nothing in a show in Las Vegas.

And this weekend, the promotion will do it all over again at the MGM Grand Garden Arena, with an absolutely loaded card coming to fans of professional wrestling the world over from Sin City.

Discussing how it feels to see the company he helped to found turn five this weekend on AEW Unrestricted, Matthew Jackson reflected on everything that's happened over the last half-decade, reminding fans that while they may not always like the Young Bucks, fans will eventually give them their roses for changing the business forever.

“It's a big night. I mean, five years ago, we stood on that stage and we welcomed everybody to the first Double or Nothing, a show name that we created, actually. To see how far AEW has come, how much we've grown in those five years, it's amazing, and I think a lot of people take it for granted,” Matthew Jackson declared via Fightful. “This is unprecedented what one company, a baby company like AEW has done in half a decade. It blows my mind. Sometimes I have to sit back and go, wow, and take it all in. In this business, we go from town to town, from show to show, we don't get a chance to really smell the roses and enjoy and take it all in, and this is huge. I think one day, when we're all retired, and we're all old, we're gonna look back, and we're finally gonna be able to go, ‘Wow,' and to think that me and Nicholas did all on our own, that's really humbling and really cool, and it makes me very happy.”

Will the Young Bucks ever be universally popular in the professional wrestling community? No, the brothers Jackson have built their entire brand around being controversial, and in the creation of AEW, they have made foes for life among the WWE lifer who hates the promotion more than they like watching RAW or SmackDown. Still, in the end, the professional wrestling business is much better off, with AEW pushing WWE to be better than it was before, and maybe one day, fans will be able to appreciate that.

The Young Bucks are proud to have taken out Tony Khan.

Elsewhere on their pre-Double or Nothing media tour, the Young Bucks stopped by Sports Illustrated to talk about their new Reebok sneakers, Jack Perry, and their relationship with Tony Khan, who they helped found AEW with before turning on him with a Tony Khan Driver last month on Dynamite.

Asked about their relationship with TK now that the deed has been done, the Jackson brothers celebrated their decision, as they've been wanting to put a beating on Khan for some time now.

“It felt dangerous and rebellious, and it broke our own rules that we set in the beginning. And it was big. I was told it was a complete curtain sell-out, and the locker room gasped when it went down. Afterward, my phone lit up like a Christmas tree. It was probably the most feedback I've ever received for anything I've ever done, so I know it worked,” Matthew Jackson told Sports Illustrated.

“It was personally great for me, because I had fantasized many times about dropping Tony Khan on his head ever since I met him. I can remember many times watching him talk during production meetings, and my mind would wander to beating the hell out of him, so you can imagine how great it felt to give Tony Khan a Tony Khan Driver.”

Nicholas Jackson commented on the decision too, noting that after being blamed for all of AEW's problems, The Elite figured the timing was right to get a bit more hands on as EVPs.

“We already take the heat and the blame for anything that ever goes wrong,” Nicholas Jackson added. “So we might as well be the ones running the show.”

Unfortunately for the Bucks, their initial decision seems to have backfired on them in a major way, as Khan personally drove Darby Allin to their show in Bakersfield and may have supplied him with a flamethrower for good measure, too. If the last few weeks have been The Elite's initial push for control of AEW, it would appear TK is striking back in a pretty major way.