With the final Dynamite before Double or Nothing officially in the books, the Young Bucks are now mere days away from their Anarchy in the Arena match against Team AEW in Las Vegas, where a major decision in who holds all the power in the promotion, Tony Khan or the EVPs, will take place.

Fortunately, earlier in the day, before they were threatened by Darby Allin with a freakin' flamethrower, the Jackson brothers, Nicholas and Matthew, sat down with Justin Barrasso of Sports Illustrated to talk about the prospects of Anarchy in the Arena and how far they are willing to go to leave Las Vegas on top.

“Those guys deserve what they're about to get,” Nicholas Jackson told Sports Illustrated. “We have a lot of tricks hidden under our sleeves, and they're about to find out what this new Elite is all about.”

“I'd suggest they roll back tape from last year's Anarchy in the Arena Match and see what lengths we're willing to go,” Matthew Jackson noted. “I still get pain in my right heel to this day when I step a certain way on it from getting slammed barefoot into a pile of thumbtacks last year. We're willing to go completely violent and crazy, to keep AEW on track to changing the world, and ridding the locker room of the remaining toxicity. Maybe we'll do something wild with our new sneaker to do just that?”

Turning their attention to the match this weekend, Matthew Jackson let it be known that he is genuinely worried about the safety of the “American Dragon” and the rest of Team AEW. He doesn't want to see someone's career come to an end over a bad bump.

“I'm worried about Bryan Danielson's safety–and Bryan Danielson should be worried about Bryan Danielson's safety, too,” Matthew Jackson declared. “He's one bad bump away from the end. But still, we know we're dealing with a very dangerous man. And Darby Allin is one resilient kid. He just broke his foot a second ago, and then got Final Destination'd by a bus in New York, yet he's still somehow walking. And FTR are tough as heck, not afraid to get a little blood in between their fingernails as proven in our recent ladder match. We know between the four of them, this isn't going to be easy. But it's also going to be a lot of fun.”

As tough as it may be to admit, the Bucks are sort of right on this one, as Danielson has already stated that he needs surgery in the not-too-distant future, and Allin is coming into the match with a broken foot that still isn't 100 percent healed up. If Team AEW pulls out the win, it will all likely be worth it, but at this point, one has to wonder if Danielson and company can really survive a war of attrition against four Elite combatants who are willing to do just about anything to get out on top.

The Young Bucks celebrate Jack Perry's addition to The Elite.

Elsewhere in their interview with Sports Illustrated, the Young Bucks discussed the addition of Jack Perry to The Elite and how it feels to finally have the “Scapegoat” back in AEW.

Is Perry a bit of a wildcard? You bet, but for the Young Bucks, he's like the younger brother they never had, and as a result, they are proud to have him on their team.

“Jack unfairly ate crap for a very long time. So we had a lot of empathy for him, and we were very excited to help launch his comeback,” Matthew Jackson explained.

“We kept an eye on him the entire time he was gone and helped him navigate the situation–a familiar one that we had also gone through. We also talked him down a few times. We gave him advice on how to succeed in Japan. It felt like he was our little brother. We saw him for the first time since All In, a couple days prior to the pay-per-view. We met him in our private jet, and talked endlessly the entire flight. We let him get it all out of his system, but assured him that this would be a fresh start. I was so thrilled to hear and see the groundswell for him when he appeared for the first time. It was like a rebirth for him… Jack's like the wildcard kid-brother who's completely unafraid of consequences. He surprises me every week. A young, handsome, unapologetic, athletic kid–that is a very dangerous person. I want that guy on my team.”

What does the future hold for Perry in The Elite? Will he go after his own championship belt next? Or is he more of a wildcard who operates best with no skin in the game, allowing him to come and go as he pleases without the obligations that come with being a champion? Fans will find out soon enough, as it's safe to say this storyline is only going to heat up even more in the future.