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AFC East: 4 bold predictions for the offseason

The AFC East for the last decade-plus has been dominated by the New England Patriots, with everyone else struggling to have consistent good teams. With Tom Brady getting up in age, and the influence of a young quarterback for the New York Jets and Buffalo Bills, some believe soon the division will be competitive again.

Each offseason is ultra important for each team, for different reasons. Let’s break down one bold prediction for each team in the AFC East.

Tom Brady isn’t on the Patriots’ roster come training camp

All signs right now are still pointing towards Tom Brady coming back for next season, but that doesn’t mean he will be coming back with the Patriots.

The Patriots didn’t give Brady a good enough roster last season, and it clearly frustrated Brady. Those decisions are going to cost the Patriots one more year with the future Hall of Famer.

Brady will test free agency and will find a better offensive team to join, like the Colts or Tampa Bay Buccaneers. That will leave the Patriots in a tough situation as they scramble to find someone to put under center next year.

Dolphins draft a quarterback in the first round, not named Tua

Many experts believe the Dolphins will select Tua Tagovailoa with the fifth overall pick, but the team will actually head in a different direction. The Dolphins own three first-round draft picks, so there are going to be plenty of chances to take a quarterback.

Look for the team to go after someone else with the fifth overall pick and the team to draft a quarterback with one of their next two picks.

The Dolphins like Tua, but the injury concerns will make them go in a different direction.

Le’Veon Bell is traded from the Jets

Le’Veon Bell and Adam Gase have both tried to downplay their relationship, but it’s clear the two aren’t particularly fond of each other.

“Me and Coach Gase had our exit meeting, and it was fine,” Bell told TMZ Sports via CBS Sports while adding that any issues that may have existed with himself and Gase were “blown out of proportion.”

Bell has continued to try and be a team player, but that isn’t going to be enough for Gase. Look for Gase to find a trade partner this offseason and to ship him off. It will turn out to be a mistake, but Gase won’t care, as he will get rid of a player he isn’t very fond of.

Bills trade up in draft to get a wide receiver

Cole Beasley and John Brown are both solid wide receivers, but if they could get a star wide receiver, that would be a game-changer. This is a loaded draft class for wide receivers, and the Bills are going to trade up to get their guy.

This will be a game-changer for the Bills’ offense and Josh Allen’s success. Will it be enough for the Bills to win the AFC North? It very well could be.