Archie Manning’s net worth in 2022 is $10 million. Manning is a former professional football player who suited up for the New Orleans, Houston Oilers, and Minnesota Vikings. He’s also widely known for being the father of two NFL stars in Peyton and Eli Manning. But for this piece, let’s take a closer look at Archie Manning’s net worth in 2022. 

Archie Manning’s Net Worth in 2022 (Estimate): $10 million

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Archie Manning’s net worth in 2022 is $10 million. This is according to reputable outlets such as Celebrity Net Worth

Archie Manning was born in Drew, Mississippi. He studied in Drew High School, where he took interest in various sports including football and baseball. Before he became a football player, it’s worth noting that Manning was selected in the Major League Baseball draft in 1967 by the Atlanta Braves. He would get selected three more times by the Chicago White Sox and the Kansas City Royals. 

However, Manning never pursued a career in baseball. Instead, he chose football. Manning went on to play college football for University of Mississippi. As part of the Rebels, Manning showed solid talent. He accumulated totals of 4,753 yards and 31 touchdowns. Manning also garnered the Nashville Banner Trophy and the Walter Camp Memorial Trophy. Furthermore, he also made it to the first team All-SEC in 1969. 

Although Manning displayed a college hall of fame worthy career that elevated him into the pro ranks, it wasn’t entirely a smooth ride for him. Manning found his father’s dead body and discovered a self-inflicted gunshot wound that pointed it to a suicide case. This tragic event forced Manning to contemplate whether to push through with his blossoming football career or to help out his mother in raising the family. But despite his willingness to sacrifice, Manning’s mother persuaded him to continue his football career.

In the 1971 NFL Draft, Manning was selected by the New Orleans Saints with the second overall pick. As the team’s lottery pick, he signed a multi-year deal that is approximately worth $400,000 per season. Manning stayed with the franchise for 11 years. He accumulated numbers of 21,734 yards, 115 touchdowns, and ran for 2,058 yards. 

While the Saints weren’t really championship contenders, Manning’s talent wasn’t really the problem. He made two trips to the Pro Bowl. Furthermore, Manning was also named the 1978 NFL Sporting News Player of the Year and a NFL UPI MVP. 

And despite his team’s relatively poor performance, the Saints offered him a huge paycheck in 1981. In that year, Manning agreed to sign a five year deal that allowed him to earn $600,000 annually. His salary led the NFL in that year. 

Surprisingly, Manning would eventually be traded to the Houston Oilers in 1982. This was tough for Manning, especially after staying with the franchise for at least a decade. 

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In an interview, Manning said “It’s kind of tough. I’ve been here for so long. I’m just going to look at it as something good and go over there to make a fresh start. It’s the only thing I know to do.”

After the trade, the Saints and the Oilers constructed a special arrangement which saw the Saints choosing to pay half of their former player’s salary. Nevertheless, it still guaranteed Manning the lucrative $600,000 paycheck. 

Manning’s stint with the Oilers was relatively short, playing only nine games across two seasons. In his short stint, he registered 1,632 yards, eight touchdowns, and ran for 98 yards. By 1983, Manning was eventually traded to the Minnesota Vikings after the Oilers wanted to utilize the draft to build a championship squad. This all aided to help in adding to Archie Manning’s net worth in 2022.

A stint with the Vikings was Manning’s second team in a span of three years. As per Manning, the experience wasn’t all that great

Manning recalled, “I got traded there in ‘83. I can remember it happened on a Tuesday night. Dave Casper and I both came up there. Tommy Kramer had gotten hurt and it looked like I’d have the chance to play. But I had a thyroid problem that knocked me out. I was living in a Radisson Hotel by myself that year. So it wasn’t much fun at all.”

While his initial experience in Minnesota was unpleasant, things took a turn for the worse after the departure of Bud Grant. 

Manning added, “But I got over that and came back the next year. I loved Bud Grant. He’d traded for me. And I was crazy about (offensive coordinator) Jerry Burns and that whole staff. But then Bud quit and Les took over. That changed a lot.

 By 1984, Manning decided to hang up his sneakers in Minnesota, wrapping up a respectable 13 year football career. His overall career saw him rack up numbers of 23,911 yards, 125 touchdowns, and running a total of 2,197 yards. 

After his football career, Manning has decided to stay close to football. While his sons became stars of the NFL, Manning also served as an analyst and commentator for college football, particularly for the Saints’ broadcast team and CBS Sports. Moreover, Manning hosts the Manning Passing Academy every summer, alongside his sons, to help in developing young football players. Aside from these, Manning also runs a sports -themed restaurant called Manning’s

Although Manning’s net worth is largely sourced from his football career, he also has other ventures outside of football. Due to his influence, Manning has appeared in various TV commercials such as Caesars Sportsbook ads, BBQ Guys, Frito-Lay, and many more. Moreover, Manning also appeared in numerous campaigns for United Parcel Service. And to give back to the community, Manning and his wife Olivia started a health foundation called the Manning Family Fund

While Manning has been widely known as the patriarch of the football family, there’s no doubt he has done a lot of things on and off the field. Nevertheless, were you at all stunned by Archie Manning’s net worth in 2022?