A Houston Astros fan was arrested for throwing a beer at US State Senator Ted Cruz during the World Series parade on Monday.

Cruz received a less-than-warm reception when making his way through the Astros’ World Series parade. Cruz, who was riding alongside his family in a green military vehicle, was seen waving to Houstonians during the parade, only to be met with cascading boos from the crowd. At one point, a fan could be seen hurling a beer can in his direction, which Cruz awkwardly attempted to both dodge and catch simultaneously (he did neither successfully).

According to Houston Police, the individual who threw the beer at Cruz has been arrested.

Houston Police announced on Tuesday morning that they’d arrested 33-year-old Joseph Halm Aricidiacono and charged him with aggravated assault.

In a statement by the Houston Police Department on Monday afternoon, the HPD announced the arrest of one individual from the parade.

“HPD made one arrest during today’s victory parade. A male, 33, threw a beer can at U.S. Senator Ted Cruz as the Senator was on a float in the 2400 block of Smith St. The beer can struck the Senator in the chest/neck area. The Senator did not require medical attention.”

Astros fans, however, seem to have a different recollection of what transpired, and video of the incident would suggest the same.

This wasn’t the first time Cruz was heckled while attempting to show the Astros some love. During an appearance at the ALCS between the Astros and New York Yankees, Cruz was ripped by fans in the Bronx relentlessly. This time, however, it seems someone paid the price.