Bears news: Bill Belichick sees 'carryover' from Chiefs to Chicago's offense
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Bill Belichick sees ‘carryover’ from Chiefs to Bears’ offense

Bill Belichick, Patriots

The New England Patriots extended their unbeaten streak to three games last Sunday by becoming the first team to stop the Kansas City Chiefs in a high-scoring 43-40 win at home. Now, Bill Belichick and the Pats are turning their attention to next Sunday’s meeting with the Chicago Bears at Soldier Field.

For Belichick, he feels as though there are some similarities between the offensive designs of the Chiefs and the Bears. In other words, the matchup with Kansas City served as some form of a sneak peek of what to expect from Chicago’s attack for the Patriots, which Bill Belichick acknowledged when he spoke in front of reporters on Tuesday. From Mike Florio of Pro Football Talk:

“It’s different but there’s certainly some carryover,” Belichick told reporters on Tuesday. “Of course, one of the big differences is the personnel. Yeah, there’s certainly a lot of carryover from Kansas City’s basic stuff.”

Belichick adds:

Well, I mean they have a lot of good players,” Belichick said. “They have good skill players, good receivers, big offensive line, good tight end, athletic quarterback, good backs. I mean there’s some movement and some motion and shifting. I wouldn’t say it’s an extraordinary amount.

No one is going to confuse Kansas City’s offense with the Bears’, but the offensive patterns Belichick saw from the Chiefs have offered him an insight of what’s in the bag of Chicago head coach and former Chiefs offensive coordinator Matt Nagy.

The Chiefs are second in the NFL with 35.8 points per game, while the Bears churn out a respectable 27.8 per contest. While that sounds like an easier job for the Pats’ defense this time around, they should still be wary of the Bears’ defense that’s becoming more confident in having Mitchell Trubisky under center.