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Bears have ‘zero concerns’ after Matt Nagy ripped the team

Matt Nagy Bears

Matt Nagy didn’t hesitate to call out his players when the Chicago Bears were trounced by the Green Bay Packers on Sunday Night Football in Week 12. While some people questioned whether or not his criticism would make Chicago’s situation worse, Nagy isn’t worried about it causing more drama.

“I know that can come off that way to outsiders or people that aren’t in the building,” Nagy said, via Mark Potash of the Chicago Sun-Times. “But I’ll just say there was zero concerns of any of us [that] there’s divisiveness or anything with me versus [the players]. There is none of that. We’re all in this together. We’re in a great spot for that part of it. And we just talked through, ‘OK, why did that happen?’ And I think our defensive guys, they’ve got a lot of pride. They’re angry at how that went down. I think they respect and understand where I’m coming from because they believe the same thing. That’s what we talked about. That’s where it’s at. And they’re motivated to get back out there.”

On Sunday night, the Bears found themselves on the short end of a lopsided loss to the Packers. Green Bay would win the game 41-25, but the score doesn’t show how one-sided the game truly was.

At one point, the Packers held a 41-10 lead in the fourth quarter, before the Bears would score two garbage-time touchdowns. Even though Nagy doesn’t believe his comments stirred controversy within the locker room, some of Chicago’s wideouts — particularly Allen Robinson — had some interesting activity on Twitter after the game.

The Bears were once 5-1 this season, overcoming the team’s inability to have consistency on offense. Fast forward and Chicago has now lost five consecutive games and Nagy could gradually feel his seat getting hotter in the Windy City.