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Cody Parkey comments about football not defining him

Chicago Bears kicker Cody Parkey has received a lot of heat the last week after missing a field goal (that was ruled blocked) on Sunday against the Philadelphia Eagles. The last-second miss effectively eliminated the home team from the playoffs. On an appearance on the NBC Today show on Friday morning, Parkey said he felt bad for letting his teammates down but also reminded everyone that football is what he does, but it’s not who he is.

“Looking up, I saw it hit the upright and it hit the crossbar, and I’m like, ‘Surely it will go in,’” Parkey said, via the Chicago Tribune. “Unfortunately it bounced toward me. I’m disappointed I let the fans, my teammates and the entire organization down, but I’ll continue to keep my head held high because football is what I do. It’s not who I am.”

Parkey tried to stay off of social media so he didn’t see a lot of the heat that was coming his way but he knows that he was receiving a lot of it. He also said that he was thankful for his teammates who stuck up for him after the game. His teammates have refused to bash him for the missed kick, proving to Parkey that they’re more than just players sharing a uniform.

“I think a lot of teammates stood up for me, from what I’ve heard,” Parkey said. “That just shows you what kind of team we have. It’s a family. It’s a bond. These guys see me working hard every day, and they know all the effort we put into it year round. So it’s really awesome to see that Akiem and everyone else stood up for me like that. I really appreciate it.”