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Bears HC Matt Nagy wins NFL Coach of the Year honors

Matt Nagy, Bears

Chicago Bears head coach Matt Nagy has been announced as the coach of the year for the 2018 NFL season.

The Chicago Bears came into this past season with hopes for maybe being a wild-card team. Second-year quarterback Mitchell Trubisky was a huge question mark. The Bears had a solid defense, but it wasn’t enough to warrant playoff contention.

The Bears shocked the entire league by proving to be better than any other team in the NFC North. The Green Bay Packers finally seemed to hit a block in the road. They fired Mike McCarthy. Aaron Rodgers looked out of tune all season long. The Vikings and Lions were both very mediocre.

This worked perfectly into the Bears hands. Once they acquired Khalil Mack from the Oakland Raiders, their defense became perennial, one of the best in the entire league.

They proved it to be so. They had the most forced turnovers and had more scores off takeaways than any other team in the league. In Week 14, they shocked the Los Angeles Rams by holding them to six points. The Rams were considered to be the top offensive team in the league, and the Bears completely shut them down.

The Bears’ offense even showed signs of improvement. Trubisky played the second half of the season like a grizzled game manager. His ability to scramble open helped loosen up the offense up for Chicago’s playmakers.

Though the Bears have work to do on the offensive and special teams side moving forward, they’ve shown that their defense is lethal. This is what earned the former staffer under Andy Ried, Matt Nagy, the coach of the year award.